It’s a new year! And it’s a time for looking back on the past year and forward for this year. One thing I’ve been reflecting on is blogging. And the weirdness and sometimes crazy-making-ness of it all. I have been blogging for about 2 and a half years and my thoughts about it have changed and evolved. Sometimes it drives me crazy. If you feel the same, here’s what to do when you’re feeling blog crazy too.

What To Do When You're Feeling Blog Crazy - Blogging can drive all of us a little nutty now and then. Here's how to deal when your blog makes you want to scream!

Remember why you blog

This is my hobby so I want blogging to be something that I enjoy. So when it starts feeling un-fun and like a chore, I need to put it into perspective. For me, I blog as a creative outlet. My day job is lawyer work so it’s fun to have a place to share inspiration, rant about things that annoy me, post a million pug photos and connect with my readers. So that’s why I personally blog so I need to remember that’s the focus. Remind yourself why you blog when you’re feeling burnt out.

Step away

For a day, week, month, however long you need. If your blog is your hobby too, there is no reason to not step away when you need to and don’t fret about whether your readers will disappear. It’ll be all good.

Find outside inspiration

I often feel blog crazy when I’m lacking inspiration. But when I’m feeling inspired, it’s so much easier to come to the blog and write, write, write. I love reading books, checking out magazines, watching my fave movies/tv,  etc. I can often find fun ideas and topics to put my own spin on.

Cross some things off your bucket list

Get off your blog and get back into life.  It’ll not only refresh you but it might also give you more blog material. Win/win.

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Do some projects on your list

Try out some of those recipes or diy’s on Pinterest. Take one of those get-wasted-and-paint-a-painting things with your girlfriends. Try out a new makeup look from a YouTube tutorial. Clean out your closet. Whatever, because doing something new and crossing things off your list will refresh you.

Update bloggy stuff

Maybe get a new blog design or update some neglect pages, like your about me page. Maybe a new design or color scheme will inspire you.

Check out linkups

If you’re lacking for blog topic ideas, linkups are a great way to create new posts. There are tons of linkups out there in blog land and blogging challenge things, so check them out if you want a new challenge or general post ideas.

Stalk other people

If all else fails, just stalk other bloggers. When I have writers’ block, I will often just look at other people’s blogs and think “man, why don’t I have good ideas like these!?” And then I shut my laptop, get a snack, snuggle a pug and life goes on.

So there are just some tips for when you’re feeling blog crazy. Unless your blog is your full time job/sole income (and even if it is), you shouldn’t be overly stressing about it. When you need a break, take it. And if you’re waiting for inspiration, it’ll find you again.

What do you do when you feel blog crazy?