If you’re ready to get serious with your blog, then you need a fabulous blog business plan in place. This is your road map for the year ahead. Luckily I’ve been thinking lots about blog business plans (since I just created my own). So let me share with you the questions I asked myself in order to come up with my blog business plan (plus read more for a downloadable version).

Create Your Awesome Blog Business Plan - Ready to get your blog on track? This post guides you on how to come up with an amazing business plan for your blog. Plus a FREE downloadable worksheet to complete your plan!

1. Why do you blog?

Think of why you started your blog in the first place and what your initial blog goals were. Have those reasons changed? And how? Now think about why you are currently blogging. Is it to reach a huge audience, to connect with other bloggers, to help solve problems, to make a side income, to create an online diary?

It’s a good idea to think of both the original reasons you started your blog and also your current reasons, especially if those reasons are different. If you’ve been blogging for awhile, the reasons why you blog may have changed and that’s ok. It’s an evolution, but if you’re feeling stuck with your blog, thinking of the original reasons you started blogging can get you back on track.

2. What is your ultimate blog mission?

Your blog mission is a little different from the initial reason why you started your blog. This is what you really want to get out of your blog now. For example you might’ve started your blog as a creative outlet but your blog mission is to inspire other creatives. Or you might have started your blog to make a side income but your blog mission is to share healthy recipes with moms with young kids.

So, basically, your blog mission is the big ultimate question. What you want your blog to be known for. Write out a big fancy blog mission that you can come back to when you’re feeling unfocused. Or a simple example would be: “My blog is the ultimate resource for busy moms with young children who struggle to come up with easy healthy recipes.”

3. Who is your ideal reader?

Remember back in high school or college English classes, you were told to always consider your audience? A research paper would have your professor as your audience, a cover letter has a potential employer as your audience, a college admissions essay has the admissions committee as the audience, etc.

Similarly, think of your blog audience. Specifically, your ideal blog reader. Get really specific with who that reader is. This will help you craft content made just for her (or him). Is your ideal reader a college student who is just transitioning into the working world, moms who want to learn yoga, aspiring cooks who have zero experience, etc. Thinking of your ideal reader reminds you of your ultimate audience. And now you can write for that audience instead of the entire internet.

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4. What do you want to help people with?

Think about the information that you want to share with your ideal blog reader. We’ve decided what your blog mission is, but what are the specifics that you are going to share and teach. With our example above for moms with young kids, you could say that you want to teach cooking basics, quick recipes, go-to meals, weekend food prepping, ways to grocery shop better, etc.

5. How are you going to deliver your content?

Blogging has changed a lot lately and there are lots of different ways to get your content out there besides just through traditional blog posts. Will you also incorporate videos, worksheets, social media snippets, newsletters, other mediums? Think of the best ways to share what you have.

If you’re a photographer, maybe you’ll want to utilize Instagram more. If you’re doing the cooking example, videos could be a great way to interact with your followers and you could also offer downloadable recipes.

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6. Where do your readers love to hang out?

You might have a favorite social media platform, but just because you love it and are on that platform a lot, that doesn’t mean your readers will find you there. Figure out where your followers hang out more and go to them.

I tend to get more clicks on Pinterest and some with Twitter too, so I post there more often than I post on Facebook. Since I get more engagement there, I’m working on better Pinterest graphics and trying to get more engaged on Twitter as well.

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7. What social media platform do you want to be better at this year?

Think the social media platforms you could be utilizing more. I’ve been slacking on my Instagram lately, so I’m hoping to improve that this year. I also want to try out Periscope too and learn how I can use that to market myself more.

8. What are your numbers goals for the year?

I like putting solid numbers out there since they give me something to shoot for. Plus I’m a huge numbers nerd and like to create nerdy spreadsheets.

Think of all the different ways you can quantify your blog in numbers. Come up with goals for followers, email subscribers, brand collaborations, money earned, etc. You can create yearly, monthly and/or weekly goals. Whatever works for you.

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9. What blog skills do you want to improve this year?

Think about those skills you’ve been wanting to learn or get better at (such as SEO, graphic design, photography). I’m a big believer in constantly learning, so I’ve been setting goals for learning more about design and copy writing this year.

10. Lastly, how will you go about improving those skills?

Figure out how you will learn those new skills. You can read books, watch YouTube videos, brainstorm with other bloggers, take online courses and so much more. Check out my free and paid courses as a way to get started!

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