Wasn’t I the cutest kid in my baby blue dress and matching baby blue tights?

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor. He noted that I hadn’t been to my primary care doctor in awhile for a regular check-up. (I will note that I go to the doctor when I need to, but yes, I haven’t had a physical or anything recently because I haven’t had any issues.) He said that I should go back to her because, “How can I put this politely…? You’re not getting any younger.”

What!?! I am turning 31 this month. If you talked to me when I was 18 or even 25, 31 would’ve sounded horribly life-suckingly old. Like, one foot in the grave old. But now that I’m here, it kinda feels the same as 25. Sure I’m a bit more of a grown-up, but I don’t feel “old” yet. I might have some more laugh lines and a few gray hairs (which I choose to ignore as if that will mean they don’t exist), but 31 is the new 21, right?

Every age sounds so old until you actually reach it. When I was in college and 18 years old, I dated a 22 year old. I remember thinking, “He is 22 – he should have his sh*t together!” I thought that he should have a super fancy job, a brand new car and a house. He obviously did not. He was actually still in school, lived in an apartment with a roommate and was a valet. Once I myself was 22, I realized that my 18 year old self’s expectations of 22 year olds was crazypants. 

Now that I’m older and so much wiser, I realize that 30 (or 40 or 50, etc) doesn’t mean you’re old. It also doesn’t mean you should’ve hit certain milestones. I know people my age who have – babies, teenagers, second husbands, ex-husbands, fancy houses, good jobs, crappy jobs or apartments. It’s about being in the best place for yourself in every moment. Sometimes I woe “getting older” but then I try to not be dramatic and remember that not everyone gets to opportunity to live into old age. And then I remind my hairdresser to not pluck my gray hairs because they’re part of me at this moment.

Anyone else feel “old” (or were called old by a doctor recently haha)? Or feel that you should’ve reached certain milestones by a specific age? Share your thoughts and comments below. Even you young people 🙂

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