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Even though I didn’t make any solid resolutions this year, I know that many of us have made general goals to be healthier this year. Obviously exercise and eating right are important but there are so many other ways I hope to stay healthy this year.

1. Massages. A few years ago, I started getting massages every few months – basically whenever it was a special occasion (birthday, etc) or I got a good deal on a groupon. Though I’m not usually feeling sore or anything a lot, I know that getting regular massages is good for me and also has so many health benefits – it relieves pain/muscle tension, improves mood/job performance, promotes relaxation and can help with some pain conditions.
In the fall, I signed up for a membership at a local massage place. For a monthly rate, I get one hour-long massage per month. I’ve been going once a month lately and it’s so beneficial. I sit at a computer all day long and definitely hold a ton of tension in my shoulders and neck and it helps a lot.

2. Skin/face care. I’ve always worked hard to take care of my skin. Since about age 22-ish, I started using anti-aging moisturizer. I knew it was probably too early to start, but figured it couldn’t hurt. I am 31 now so I’ve thought more about taking better care of my skin. I avoid the sun/tanning as much as possible. I’ve started using regular face masks and exfoliators. I recently got my first facial (at the same massage place) and the esthetician told me to just be sure to use a good face wash, moisturizer and eye cream. I also started occasionally using coconut oil and have noticed that my face is less dry. These are the products I’ve been using – 

3. Mind health. My brain feels fried after a long day at work. Often I come home and hop right onto my laptop doing blog stuff or I stare at my phone or watch hours of HGTV shows (including episodes I’ve probably already seen). That isn’t helping my brain any. So this year I’m going to try to do activities at home to improve my mind, including trying out some business-y/self-help books. Here are some that I’m hoping to read in the next few months – 

Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle Laporte / The Reluctant Entrepreneur – Michael Masterson / Go for No! -Richard Fenton / Rework – Jason Fried 

4. Exercise. I said it isn’t all about exercise this year but I definitely still want to get into good shape. Especially since I’m getting married later this year and want to look awesome in my dress, duh. I’m going to continue with my regular ballet classes, plus some of the other fun ballet-inspired workouts I like. I’ve also been going to the gym again the last few months, doing a mix of cardio and weight-training. Jarrod just ordered T25 so I’m going to give some of those workouts as well, especially when it gets closer to wedding time!

5. Relaxation. Along with #3 above, in order to improve my mind I also need to learn to relax. I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety lately so I need to give myself a little break. First off, I’m going to try to read more for pleasure. I try to get into bed an hour early and give myself that time to read (right now I’m finishing up the Divergent series). I’m also going to try to just relax more -doing my hobbies, reading lame magazines, maybe some yoga. Chanting/breathing/whatever. Some of these things might not make me smarter buuuut I need to just relax more too.

What are your plans/goals to be healthier this year? If you’re planning to be healthier this year, check back later today for an amazing health-themed giveaway.