Sometimes I feel so full of blog post ideas. Other times… not so much. It can be tough to constantly come up with new, fresh, exciting content for your blog. I’ve been doing this for years, so I definitely know this. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. These are my favorite ways to always have blog post ideas.

Ways to Always Have Blog Post Ideas - It can be tough to constantly come up with new content but here are my proven ways to come up with great new blog post ideas. PLUS a free download of 30 awesome blog post ideas for you to download!

Recycle and update old posts

Revisit some of your old posts to see if there is a way to update them or change them. In the time since you wrote the post, things might have changed or you might had more to add. You probably have more to say on a certain topic, so think of ways you can update or expand upon a previous topic.

Do a post series

If you come up with a great idea for a blog topic, consider if it’s something that be expanded into multiple posts in a blog post series. One idea can turn into multiple posts – this is extra great because it gives you more blog content and it keeps your content cohesive too. So once you have a great idea, break it into little ideas for posts.

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Online topic generators

There are a few fun ways to get blog ideas created for you. On HubSpot, you type in a a few nouns and it will create blog post ideas for you. On Portent’s Content Idea Generator, you type in a topic and it comes up with some random and funny blog post titles. These generated ideas might not be perfect blog post ideas, but they are a great start and can get you thinking of some other ideas.

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Social media

Social media can be a time suck or it can be a super useful idea factory. On Twitter, search for relevant hashtags and see what people are talking about. On Facebook, check out groups you’re a part of. On Pinterest, peruse pins about your topic. (On Instagram, just look at photos of food and dogs, duh. Ha.)

On any of the social media platforms, see if people are asking questions which you have the answers for. Or see if there are some fun trending topics where you might have a different type of perspective. People are out there talking about a million things. Find topics that are interesting to you and put your own spin on them.

Read… a lot

Flip through some of your favorite magazines, big websites, big blogs, tiny blogs, books, whatever. Read as much as you can. I love reading (and wish I read more) and it always gives me new ideas and perspectives. Reading about your own niche/topic can be great, but I’ve also found great inspiration from reading about random things too.

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Live your life

Cue Rihanna, right? But seriously, getting out there and having lots of great experiences will keep you inspired and give you things to blog about, especially if you’re a lifestyle blogger. Plus it’s always nice to have a break from blogging too, of course.

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Those are just some of the ways I work on coming up with new blog post ideas. Plus as a great bonus for my readers, I’ve created a free download of 30 great blog post ideas to get you started – woohoo! Just click below to get the download and get started with your new fabulous blog posts!

What do YOU do when you run out of blogging ideas? How do you work on creating fresh content consistently? If you need some help don’t miss my freebie with 30 amazing blog post ideas to get you started! Enter your info –

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