Pinterest is the number one way I get referrals to my blog. I think we all know about the power of pinning by now, especially using Pinterest to promote your blog, but I wanted to share some of my personal tips. Some of these basic tips for using Pinterest to promote your blog are mainly geared towards newer bloggers, but I’ve added some other tips for those of us who have been using Pinterest for awhile too.

Update: Since Pinterest is always changing, I’ve just updated this post to make it even more relevant!

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Blog - the best ways to use Pinterest to grow and improve your blog asap!

Make Clearly Organized Boards/Titles

It’s so important to have clearly organized and thought out Pinterest boards with titles that are simple and easy to understand. I recently updated my boards with simple titles and put my most popular boards at the top. That way, whenever a new pinner sees my Pinterest profile, she will know exactly what I pin about and see all my fabulous pretty boards.

Follow Others Boards

This might be a “duh” but Pinterest is all about community. I want to spread my reach on Pinterest so I need to be following other great Pinners. Whenever I re-pin something, Pinterest suggests another board I might like. I try to follow those other boards so it expands my overall Pinterest network.

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Re-Pin generously

Pinterest is a great place to promote your own content but it’s also important to re-pin other people’s pins. I try to do a 80/20 split where most of my pins are other people’s content. With Pinterest, people don’t want to just see you pin the hell out of your own content. They likely value your opinion on certain topics and want to see what you like.

I love pinning home decor pins, most of which are professional photos or from profesh bloggers. These photos are waaaay nicer than my own original content, so if people like my style/opinion they will like my board. Then when I occasionally post my own content, I have those followers.

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Group Boards

I am a part of several group boards on Pinterest – this is where members all collectively post to one board on a specific topic. This is a great way to reach the other pinners in that group plus reach all the followers. It’s a great way to network and build your overall community.

However, I don’t think joining a ton of group boards is important for growth. Group boards are helpful but I don’t recommend relying on them too heavily. You never know when the rules could change or the boards could even disappear.

Pin Consistently (but don’t overdo it!)

If you don’t pin that often, your followers might forget about you. But if you pin too much, you might annoy people. I usually go on Pinterest once a day or so to manually add pins. There are different thoughts on whether manual pinning is important or necessary, but I figure if I have time, why not do some manual pinning when I’m already using Pinterest.

In order to increase my rankings with Pinterest, I only pin the highest quality content. The more repins I get, the more Pinterest values what I’m pinning. Since I can’t be constantly pinning all day long, I use Tailwind (affiliate link) to spread my pins out and re-pin my own content.

“Pin It” Button

I use a widget on WordPress to add a “pin it” button on each post. I like this better than the big button that you can have hovering over your images. You can see how great the button works by pinning this post (hint hint!) But seriously I think this is a great way to encourage your readers to pin your connect without being too in their face.

So those are my Pinterest tips. I am obsessed with Pinterest and would use it even if I didn’t have a blog. What are your tips on using Pinterest to promote your blog?

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