Most evenings, I’m upstairs (in the guest room with the world’s oldest tv) and Bowie is by my side. He’s either snoozing or playing with a toy (or a hundred toys). Every night (unless he’s REALLY sleepy), he jumps up wide awake whenever I snap my laptop shut. This signals to him that it’s bed time and he freaks the f out. He jumps off the bed and will bark at me until I get up too. This makes me remember that sometimes we just need to unplug and shut down all the electronics and spend time with our loved ones. My pug reminded me of this.

I’m also reminded of this every time I’m on my laptop and a pug gets mad at me. I have lots of proof –

Most of the sad “get off the computer, mom” photos are of Bowie since Rosie is busy stalking Jarrod 24 hours a day. Do your pets get mad when you’re on your computer too?

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