In my haze of being pissed off about something, I wrote this gem of a post. Where I said how Rosie was like Jenny from the Block. She has further demonstrated this recently.

(She looks like such a grumpy badass in this photo hehe.)

Both of our dogs love chewing on nylabones. They last a long time and satisfy their chewing urges. Due to her sketchy past (i.e. jerkface prior owners), Rosie does not have all of her teeth, so she can happily chew/gum on a bone for a long time without making a dent in it. Jarrod recently bought the dogs nylabones that are actually edible, but still tough and longlasting. They’re some sort of disgusting weird meat flavor that dogs love. We gave a bone to each of the dogs a few nights ago. Rosie happily chewed on hers but if you got close to her she would growl at you and run away. At one point she hid behind the couch with it to get away from us. Then Bowie walked by her and she attacked him and stole his bone. Then proceeded to growl and gnaw like a wild animal. It was kinda hilarious since she is 15 pounds, a little scary since she nearly murdered Bowie for walking by her and then a little sad since we realized she probably never had a tasty bone like that before.

Eventually we needed to get it off of her though. This was accomplished by me sharing my chips from Chipotle with her (mama is a glutton too apparently). I dangled a chip in front of her face until she dropped the bone. Jarrod quickly hid the bone and I proceeded to say how she was going to cut a bitch the rest of the night.

Oh and in case you were wondering, in the time that it took Rosie to gnaw off maybe 1% of her bone, Bowie had taken his upstairs and somehow eaten the entire thing. I thought he’d be throwing up later, but in typical dude fashion, he was all “what? I was hungry.”


* * * * *
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