How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great – dinner/drinks with friends on Saturday and crafting and the Pirates playoff game on Sunday (with a big win!) But first I had ballet class on Saturday morning. Which meant I needed to sew up and break in my brand new pointe shoes (I wear Grishko Triumphs, if anyone is interested).

I love the scenes in Black Swan and Center Stage (video here) of the dancers sewing and breaking in their shoes. Pointe shoes are just so pretty so wanted to share some photos with you all.

First up – my pointe shoe graveyard. Just some of my old shoes – 

I save most of my old shoes. Not sure why really. But they’re just too pretty that I’d feel bad just chucking them. I also recycle ribbon and elastics off of old shoes to use with my new shoes. So when I get a new pair of shoes, first I have to take apart an old pair.

Next I get out my sewing kit and transfer old ribbons/elastic on to new shoes. I’m always working on the perfect placement of the ribbons/elastic on my shoes for the best fit.

Next is the breaking in process. I don’t do as much as the Center Stage dancers, but I need to soften them up a bit before they’re good to go. Bowie loves new pointe shoes. I don’t know if it’s the smell or the soft satin but he loooooves sniffing them and rubbing his face on them like a creep when I’m not looking.

And here are my last pair of pointe shoes which are now dead. And me trying to be kinda artsy? I’m sure the carpet really makes it look awesome. 

So there’s a little peek into my pointe shoe process. Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Glossy Blonde