Part Time Blogger

FREE course

If blogging is your side hustle, instead of your full time gig, this email course is just for you.

There’s so much to think about with blogging and, if it isn’t your full time job, it can be a lot to deal with. I created this email course to help you get back on track. You are a Part Time Blogger – learn how to do it better.

Get these lessons straight to you inbox and learn my strategies for blog time management. These lessons will give you back your free time. No more rushing home after work to finish “blog stuff.” You will learn the easiest ways to pare down your blogging to do list, so you can get back to you life.


What You’ll Find In This Course:

  • How to focus your blog if you don’t want a niche
  • Why your content is a mess and how to fix it
  • The easiest way to spend less time blogging and improve your blog
  • How to not let social media drive you crazy
  • The best ways to network for your blog

I began my blog as I was working full time as an attorney. I learned how to grow my blog for years, all while keeping my day job. I know how tough it can be to juggle it all and do it well. Whether you’re working full time too or just don’t want to spend all your free time on your blog, I created this course just for you.

As a part time blogger, you don’t have the time to give you blog full time attention. This free email course will get you back on track with your blog and your life. Learn how to focus your blogging so you have time for the rest of your life (mine mainly consists of letting those two fat pugs sleep on my lap).

Ready to learn how to blog better, all while having more time for the rest of your life? Get the course lessons emailed right to your inbox!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you blogging better now as a part time blogger! Just let me know where I can email you and you’re on your way!

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