Legal Biz Foundations - A free email course for biz owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers to learn the legal basics for running your biz!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog and I honestly have no good excuses. Just been busy with creating other content (free webinars, free trainings in my Facebook group, updating the website a few months ago, etc) and busy with life in general.

But I’ve also been working on something that I am super excited about! I love helping bloggers but I wanted to expand my reach a little to bloggers who are more than “hobby bloggers” and other biz ladies (and gentleman).

So I’m very excited to announce a brand new FREE email course – Legal Biz Foundations! So what is this course and how is it different from my other offerings?

Well I’m excited that you asked! With this course, I went above and beyond providing info that “just” pertains to bloggers. You know that I have my ebook (The Blogger’s Handbook for Keeping It Legal) and my free blogging legal course (Legalize Your Blog) but I wanted something that would be the perfect “next step” for someone who isn’t just blogging or someone who’s blog has expanded into an awesome business.

Who the course is for:

  • Newbie business owners (especially online businesses),
  • Wannabe business owners – anyone who has started to research the basics of running a biz,
  • Bloggers who are ready to make their blogs more profitable,
  • Anyone who is using a website to sell products or services,
  • Entrepreneurs who want to brush up on the legal aspects
  • And basically anyone wanting to learn more about the legal aspects of running your own biz!

So if you’re ready to learn more about the legal side for your biz, check out Legal Biz Foundations and get started right now! And, as always, please share with your friends so they can get smart about the legal side too. See you in the course!

PLUS as an extra celebration, I’m hosting a FREE webinar this Monday, June 19 – Is Your Biz Legal? I’ll be chatting live about some of the course topics but will be able to go into even more detail and answer your questions! There will be a limited time replay if you can’t attend live, so be sure to sign up!

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