Pugs are also known as velcro dogs – they stick to their humans like velcro. Recently Nadine also talked about her dog being needy. That helped me to realize that my dogs aren’t unique in their neediness. But still, I always tell my dogs that they need to get a hobby. Their lives revolve around me and Jarrod, which is very flattering, but it would be nice if they took some time off from us for a bit and got a hobby or two. Here’s some proof of why they need hobbies –

I’m not allowed to use the computer without pug supervision.

They have time to just sit in the yard. All day.

They have time to just lay in front of a roaring fire. All the time.

They have time to sleep sitting up.

 I haven’t been able to watch tv with an empty lap in a very, very long time.

They won’t let me work out at home alone. 

I didn’t include all the innumerable photos of them sleeping all day. Just imagine if they used all that sleeping time to learn a useful skill. They could take up blogging or even just learn to do some dishes. Pugs, if you’re reading this – get a hobby (but then you’re welcome to come back and snuggle with me.)

* * * * *
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