WEBSITE BUNDLE – save 20%!

$435.00 $350.00

Ready to make sure your website is legally covered with the statements you need? This bundle includes my most popular statements, which just happen to be the ones that will help the most in keeping your website legal – the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions or Disclosure Statements.

Separately these templates currently sell for $435 but you can get all three of them right now for $350  – a savings of 20% (no other coupons can be applied).

Bundle Includes:
  • Privacy policy statement template to explain what information you collect, how you collect it and what you do with it – a necessity for websites in the United States
  • Terms and conditions statement template to lay out the “rules” of your website, so users understand what behavior is or isn’t acceptable – both by you and by your site users
  • Disclosure statement template so that you can properly disclose any sponsorship relationships, in order to be in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Detailed, plain English instructions on how to customize the templates to your needs
  • Written, reviewed and approved by a licensed American attorney


A bundle of my most popular legal website statement Templates! Includes instructions on how to customize for your website. Templates created by an American attorney for bloggers and website owners in the United States. (Read the Terms of Use prior to purchase.)


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