Business coaches provide invaluable advice to their clients. As a business coach, you want to provide your clients with the best coaching services possible. Having a detailed contract means that you can focus less on the drudgery of payments, fighting over what the coaching relationship includes, accountability and more; instead, you can focus on being the best coach possible.

Both parties will understand what the coaching program includes (and doesn’t include) so that you can concentrate on your coaching services. Having a solid contract can help prevent future issues or problems.

Template Includes:
  • Detailed description of coaching program
  • Payment terms including due dates
  • Cancellation and refund policies
  • Disclaimer and limitation of liability, including that your coaching program makes no guarantees or promises
  • Independent contractor relationship language
  • Retention of intellectual property rights and/or whether each party will be granted a limited use license
  • General terms related to warranty, confidentiality and dispute resolution
  • Detailed, plain English instructions on how to customize the template to your needs
  • Written, reviewed and approved by a licensed American attorney


A customizable contract to be used by business coaches and their clients, to explain relationship, compensation, time period and other general contract terms. Includes instructions on how to customize for your business. (Read the Terms of Use prior to purchase.)


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