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An ebook that includes the legal basics every blogger needs to know. This ebook is in PDF format and includes chapters on business entities, taxes, laws on giveaways, privacy statements, trademarks, copyrights and so much more.

Protect Your Content

Learn the ins and outs of copyrighting and trademarking your words and images (and how to safely use other people’s content).

Privacy & Emails

Learn why you should have a privacy statement on your blog and your responsibilities when you collect email addresses.

Money & Taxes

Learn why you should start tracking your blog income and expenses for taxes, even if you don’t think your blog is a “business” yet.

Free Speech

Learn what free speech on the internet really means – what you can and can’t say (and where you can do it).

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The perfect resource for every blogger.
— written by a licensed attorney and seasoned blogger

This handbook takes the mystery and confusion out of legal issues for bloggers.
(Written by a US-licensed attorney with US bloggers in mind. The principles in this ebook are mainly targeted to US bloggers, but some principles will apply to international bloggers as well.)

This handbook will teach you about:

  • Business entities & taxes – the best type of entity for your blog and tax consequences.
  • Running a legal giveaway – don’t make the legal mistakes I see bloggers make everyday in their giveaways.
  • Trademarks and copyrights – do you need them and how to protect your original words and images.
  • How to include privacy statements, when to have disclaimers, privacy and email, free speech and SO much more!

This ebook consists of 48 pages, in downloadable PDF format. *Last updated fall 2018*


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