Legal Biz Foundations

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Are you a new biz owner or entrepreneur? Has your hobby blog turned into a full fledged business? Have you been running your own business for awhile but haven’t brushed up on the legal side yet?

If this is YOU, then you are in the right place! I have been a licensed attorney for over 7 years, all while growing my blog into a business (and working full time). There is tons to know and learn about the legal side when it comes to your business and I’ve gathered the legal basics together to help you make sure that you are covered.

This FREE email course is the perfect intro intro into the legal aspects for every biz owner / entrepreneur!


What You’ll Learn In The Course:

  • Demystifying the differences between LLC’s and sole proprietorships (and which is right for your biz)
  • How to make your website legal with statements to protect you and your biz
  • How to market and promote your biz like a PRO, all while keeping it legal
  • When you need some extra protection with contracts
  • The lowdown on how to maximize your profits and save money for that most dreaded time of year – tax season
  • And TONS more!

There is obviously tons to know about the legal side when it comes to your business. As a long time biz owner, I’ve seen lots of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs making potentially devastating legal mistakes when it comes to running an online business. And I don’t want you to make those mistakes!

Why Learning the Legal Side is Necessary:

  • Protect yourself from personal liability and scary legal situations
  • Protect your hard work with legal protections to keep your content, work product and methods from being stolen
  • Feel confident and in charge whenever you’re working with partners, collaborators or brands
  • Understand how to save money in your biz by knowing tax implications and write-offs
  • Create confidence with potential clients and customers¬†
  • Show that your biz is professional and serious – every good business owner and entrepreneur knows that having your legal legit should be the FIRST thing on your to-do list


I know legal info like this can be overwhelming and not super exciting/fun, so it’s my aim to make sure I keep everything easy to understand. Learn the legal basics today for your biz so you can get back to building your empire! If you’re ready to learn more, just enter your info below to get started right now!

(As I mentioned, I am licensed in the US, so I created this free course with US laws and regulations in mind. If you are visiting my site from outside of the US, some of the info presented may not be accurate for you and your biz, but there also is some general crossover. The materials and information presented in this free course are for informational purposes only and you should always consult with an attorney before taking any actions.)

Ready to make sure you are keeping your biz LEGAL? Enter your info below and I’ll see you in your inbox soon!

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