If you haven’t heard, I’ve launched my brand new course – Blog and Be Legal! I’ve been gushing about it to my email list and on social media, but I realized I haven’t really shared a ton about it on the blog. Oops! So here I am to officially introduce you to the ecourse!

Blog and Be Legal - The Start to Finish Guide to Starting Your Blog and Online Biz Legally

I’ve been sharing a ton about the legal side of business and blogging lately. At first I was nervous that no one would want to learn about these topics… They aren’t the most glamorous or exciting, but I know that the legal side is really really important. Probably one of the most important (if not the most important) concern for your blog! If you aren’t running things legally, you can potentially run into huge problems down the road and that is just no good.

No one wants to see all their hard work go down the drain because they didn’t have proper contracts in place. Or they weren’t paying attention to taxes. Or they never bothered to write a privacy statement.

So, as much as I’m able to share with you guys on the blog, I knew I needed and wanted to share more. I wanted to take it all and put it into one place. In a format where I could take more time to really break down all these potentially weird and scary and complex legal terms and issues.

So that’s how Blog and Be Legal was born. I took everything I know that you need to know about running your blog and online biz and I put it into one amazing course, with over 29 separate video lessons. Which is insane. I was seriously chugging water on the days when I recorded the videos because I was talking my face off. There are also info guides, worksheets, checklists and a budget spreadsheet. Plus, because I wanted to make this course extra super comprehensive, I’ve also included 3 of the templates that I sell in my Legal Marketplace for a total of $350 (privacy statement, terms and conditions and disclosure statement). It’s pretty bonkers. Even the pugs think I’m crazy. (Insert obligatory pug photo since I haven’t posted them on the blog in awhile…)


The pugs also can’t wait until I’m not in crazy launch lady mode anymore. But I’ve put a ton of work into this course and I’m just so excited to share it with you! So check out the course here. And if it’s not for you right now, but you still want to learn about the legal side of things, no worries! Starting today I’m starting 7 days of #blogandbelegal tips over on Instagram so be sure to follow along!

Also in a few weeks, I’m co-hosting a webinar with Halley from Evolve and Succeed (who I’ve admired for a long time!) – so excited to drop some legal knowledge and hang out with Halley, who is inspiring, educational and freaking hilarious. Click here to sign up!

Be Booked Out + Being Legal - free webinar

Whew I’ve been a busy lady over here but I’m going to Florida this weekend to relax in the sun (well hidden under an umbrella that is out in the sun) and sand. Plus it’s my birthday this weekend, so I’ll be sure to actually put my phone DOWN (promise!) Everyone have a great weekend and be sure to follow along on Instagram this week for 7 days of #blogandbelegal tips!!