I recently posted a few lists of things that I don’t get (past lists here and here) basically asking people who are good at stuff, or the universe in general, “how do you do that?” I’ve put together another list today and created today’s how do you do that linkup so I can see the things that you all wonder about too (linkup below)! If you didn’t do a blog post, leave a comment with your list. So again – asking how do you do that…?

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 … people who don’t kill all their plants? I’m a little better at not killing 100% of my plants but I have awful luck with orchids. If you’re an orchid and want a long, healthy life, don’t come live with me.

… people who bake? I love eating baked goods but have little patience for baking. I can make cookies but I only do it a few times a year. I have the world’s tiniest kitchen and it is immediately a huge mess the second I even pull out the baking ingredients. We’ll blame it on that.

… people who don’t eat the free bread restaurants give you before dinner? Even if I’m not hungry, I will absolutely eat it and most likely ruin my meal. Especially if there is some sort of olive oil dipping sauce. Don’t try to stop me and don’t judge me!

… people who always find the best parking spot (also known as “rockstar parking” amongst my group of friends)? I’m always stuck parking in the narrowest spot where I can barely open my door to shimmy out of my car.

… all brides? I have about 5 months to go before my wedding and all the planning hurts my brain. We went to our tasting the other day and I kept asking the dumbest questions. And when our venue’s coordinator was asking me questions, I kept saying “uhh… I don’t know. What do you suggest?” #worstbride

… cute girls at the gym? I look like a sweaty mess and am using the sleeve of my extra-large free t-shirt to wipe my brow, while you’re over there wearing a cute tanktop and booty shorts.

… people who can pronounce “sommelier”? They kept saying it on a recent Parks and Rec episode and later I was trying to tell Jarrod about the episode and I realized I could not say the word. Like, I could hear it correctly in my head, but my mouth wouldn’t allow me to pronounce it. I’m a classy one right here. Oh and side note – I can’t say “Saturday Night Live” at a normal speed without getting tongue tied. I swear I have normal speaking abilities usually.

people who nap? I’m still envious of you.

… bloggers who have posts scheduled way in advance? I’ve read so many great tips on this but my brain just can’t get organized enough. Maybe one day.

… Beyonce? Just everything. Give me your secrets.

Now share your “how do you do that?” moments in the linkup below!

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