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I’m not a blog commenting expert (I mean, could that even be a thing?), but I do read a lot of blogs and try my best to leave thoughtful comments. I have also gotten some “blah” comments and some amazing comments, so I can also use that knowledge to tell you how to be a good blog commenter. (Oh and look how fat Bowie’s butt looks in the photo. Love it!)

Don’t be a no-reply blogger

We all know this is a pain because, on Blogger blogs, the blogger can’t reply to your wonderful comment. So make sure you fix that asap! Here is a great tutorial of how to fix this by Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars.

Read the blog post

I get it – sometimes we don’t have time or we just lose interest in a post. That is fine. If you aren’t feeling the post and didn’t read the whole thing, don’t just leave a comment for the sake of it. I’ve have many situations where I’ll say something really serious/heartfelt. And I’ll get a comments that is like “cute blog!” Huh? I might’ve said I broke every bone in my body or my dogs ran away to Canada or whatever and you’re just glossing over that crap. No.

Be nice

This is pretty obvious. I haven’t really gotten too many mean comments so this isn’t typically an issue. But if you love interaction with the blogger whose post you’re commenting on, leaving a thoughtful comment is always a good start. Having a respectful disagreement is fine, but just being mean is… mean. Duh.

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Don’t leave a million links

I used to always leave a link back to my blog in my comments. But then I got lazy and stopped. If you’re commenting on a wordpress blog (like this one!), you have filled your blog URL in before you commented, so your name is a direct link right back to your blog. Easy! Plus since moving to wordpress, I’ve learned that sometimes if a comment has multiple links in it, it gets flagged as spam and no one wants that. If you’re commenting on blogger or through disqus, there will also be a link to your blog if someone clicks on your name and your profile is complete with your link. I don’t think just a link back to your blog is a bad thing, but lots more links might get you flagged as spam.

Don’t say “follow me back?”

This is usually a newbie move but leaving a comments that basically says “Love your blog – follow me back?” is a good way to have the blogger do the exact opposite. I try really hard to visit the blogs of my commenters and check out their blog, since they took the time to read mine. But getting a comment just asking me to follow them back is a turn off. Trust me – if you leave nice comments, you’ll get people coming to your blog without asking them.

Start a conversation

Again if you want interaction with bloggers, an interesting comment is always great. I love starting back and forth emails with bloggers about an issue since blogger is all about interaction. I love learning people’s opinions or advice on a topic, so it’s always great having a good convo with my fellow bloggers.

Speaking of, what do YOU think is important to remember in blog commenting?