I do most of my blogging and blogging related things right in front of my computer. But it’s nice to have great blogging apps for on the go. I always have my phone on me, but I also sometimes just check things out on my iPad instead of dragging out my laptop. You’ve probably heard of most of these apps, but they are all super great (and free!) for keeping up with your blogging duties!

Free Blogging Apps You Gotta Have - You need to be able to access your blog anytime, right? Then you need to check out all these great (and free!) blogging apps now.


If your blog is on WordPress, you need this app. You can easily check stats, start post drafts, reply to comments, etc. on the go. I usually schedule out my posts but a few times I have forgot and it’s so nice that I can easily use the app to get that post published. I also love being able to check my stats and have easy access to delete any random spam comments that make their way through my spam filter. Evil evil spam, be gone!


If you use Blogger, no worries, there’s an app for Blogger too. My blog used to be on Blogger and it was great having an app to access it too. You can start drafts for your posts, review your stats, make sure that your post published correctly, etc. It’s nice having access to this whenever you’re on the go.


I love using this app to keep track of my ideas and to-do lists. Plus it syncs to my computer, iPhone and iPad, so I have access to everything no matter what device I’m using. I seriously don’t know how I lived without Evernote before. Besides just using it to keep track of ideas, there are tons of other great features for clipping articles and picture from the internet too.


I mainly use Buffer on my computer but it’s nice to have it available on your phone or tablet too. You can use it to schedule out your social media on-the-go. For example, if you read a great article or another blog post, but don’t want to tweet about it right that second, you can save the tweet to Buffer for it to go out later. Love having this handy so I don’t forget to promote things.


I love Medium for finding new articles and blogs on tons of different topics. This helps me to get inspired for new ideas, stay current on lots of topics and even find some new bloggers or writers to follow. Having the app on my phone makes it that much easier to keep in touch with what’s going on. You can choose to follow based on your interests and will definitely find things to inspire and excite you to write on your own blog.

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Facebook Pages

I have the regular Facebook app, but I use the Pages app to manage my blog Facebook page. It’s nice to be able to quickly respond to comments and check my stats. I used to do it all from my regular Facebook app, but the Facebook Pages app is so much more convenient for managing my blog’s page.


I’ve been using Dropbox a lot more lately. It’s the perfect way to have access to your files on all your devices. This is great if you save things onto your phone or tablet that you want to access on your computer. I don’t use my work computer for any of my blog documents or files, so I like that using Dropbox on my phone gives me access to everything when I’m out and about.


I just started my email newsletter and it’s been fun learning all the features. Using the app, I can see when people subscribe, view reports and can work on newsletter drafts.  I can also make sure that my campaigns went out and I can quickly see open and click rates. So nice to see on my phone because I’m one of those people who needs to know everything right now.


I think most people are familiar with using Bloglovin to follow and read blogs. I like having the app on my phone (and tablet) so I can easily check out my favorite blogs. (Though I will admit I sometimes get lazy with commenting when I’m on my phone…)

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Any that I missed? I love finding other fabulous apps to me connected when I’m on the go. Let me know some of your faves in the comments!