I mentioned last week that I’m not really into “traditional” fall decor. But I wanted to add a little something festive to our home, namely to our sad little front door. So I decided to make a simple fall wreath, with one of my fave things ever – pom-poms! (See another of my easy pom-pom diy’s here.)

For this diy, I just chose 2 different ribbons (in burgundy and gold) and wrapped a wreath form that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I did a similar diy last year for a Christmas wreath. Basically just choose some ribbons that you like, wrap around the wreath form and secure with staples, tape or glue on the back of the wreath.

Next I made some pom-pom’s in a few colors using one of these pom-pom makers. You can also buy premade pom-poms if you want. Then I just hotglued the pom-poms onto the wreath (I’m sure you could use regular glue as well). Then just make sure you have a loop at the top to secure to a door/hook and you’re good to go. This wreath was a good compromise for me – it’s still fall-y colors but not too in your face. It was super simple and a good way to decorate our door (which sorely needs replaced, ugh, don’t get me started).

Anyone else a wreath making fan? How is your fall decorating going? I have another decorating diy coming up soon!