When I confessed my full-on nerdiness to you all, I told you about my horrible horrendous craptastical eyesight. Yes, it’s that bad. And yes, my prescription is worse than yours (or at least there is a very very high chance that it is). And that’s in no way a brag.

Photos from this post – non-prescription glasses. You think I’m going to show you my real glasses? Hahahaha. No. I’m too vain for that.

I have been wearing gas permeable (or hard) contact lenses since the 6th grade. I’ve basically had no problem with them, but they can eventually cause people to have dry eyes. In the fall I finally went to the eye doctor again for a routine exam and new contacts. Everything was fine and dandy until I developed a cloudy/white spot on my cornea and pain in my left eye. Because I’m dumb, I ignored it for a few weeks.

I finally went back to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with “chronic dry eye.” Oh man, that sounds fancy. That was causing the spot on my eye and the pain. I had to use steroid drops in my eyes for a few days and try to wear my glasses more. You may have guessed from my aforementioned vanity, that I am not a huge fan of wearing my glasses in public. So I did my best to just limit my contact wear. So the dry spot went away. Buuuut then of course it came back last a few weeks later and I got to wear my glasses out on New Years Eve. Not hot but whatever. 

I just started using a prescription called Restasis, which are eyedrops to make your body produce more tears on its own so your eyes aren’t dry. I’ve been using them for about a week and my eyes already feel better. 

I know this isn’t a big deal at all but an obvious annoyance. And makes me feel pretty dorky and old. Alas. Anyone else having old lady style issues lady? 


  1. Rebecca and Lori

    I’ve needed glasses since I was in high school, and have worn contacts for years. They got to the point where they would give me headaches and dry eyes and all that nonsense. I finally, FINALLY got LASIK done last weekend- last Saturday. It has been ridiculously amazing, Jackie! No more stupid contacts, no more solution, no more cleaning said stupid contacts, no more astigmatism in my right eye- I can see when I wake up, I can see when I drive. I seriously recommend getting it done.
    Good luck with your dry eye- having to deal with that stuff is the worst!

  2. Rachel Murphree

    I’ve mentioned before how my eyesight is comparatively not as bad as yours, but bad enough that if people try on my glasses they actually become nauseated. I’ve pretty much refused to let anyone see me in glasses up until about a year ago. In just the past couple of months I have been wearing them more voluntarily (even for most of our vacation) and holy moly it’s so nice to not feel like there are suction cups on my eyeballs. I don’t think I realized how uncomfortable I was until I spent a couple of days in glasses. It also made me realize that a lot of times when I thought I was sleepy I just had dry eyes, so I also feel like I have more energy when I wear glasses.
    Oh! And recently I saw someone with an old lady glasses chain and I thought, DAMN that is convenient! I haven’t quite crossed that old lady line, but I think about it. 🙂

  3. oomph.

    sorry to hear about your eye issues. i don’t need glasses yet, but my whole family has them…i’m not out of the clear yet! my sister recently got lasik and loves it.

  4. Shannon

    I don’t have any eye issues yet, thank goodness. My grandmother has to wear glasses and my mom and a few others to read but I don’t need them. I actually think your glasses are cute! I am sorry to hear about your eye issues and I hope that your eyes are back to normal soon…Hey at least you don’t look like Pam from The Office when she wears glasses….

  5. Kathy @ Vodka and Soda

    i hate to say this, but be glad it’s your eyes and not your lady bits. apparently that’s a problem too when you get to old hag status.

    as for old lady issues: mine are a slow metabolism, a body that just loves fat, hormones that make my skin go wacky. getting old sucks!!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Nadine Lynn

    I realized my need for glasses in college. If I didnt sit towards the front, I couldn’t see a damn thing. Because I don’t wear my glasses as much as I should, my eye sight has gotten worse over the years. Now when I am ordering somewhere that has a menu board posted…I have to whip out my glasses. It is real cute when I have my sun glasses on top of my head and my regular glasses on my face trying to read. Haha. I need to get prescription sunglasses real soon. I basically drive around practically blind during the day.

  7. Kiki

    Oh I am glad I don’t have the need for glasses yet but my eyesight at night is not to be trusted.

  8. Veronica Lee

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  9. Veronica Lee

    I’ve been having dry eye issues too and I find that using using a prescription called Systane Eye Gel (not the eye drops) helps a lot.

  10. Kate @ Another Clean Slate

    I got my first pair of glasses when I was three and have looked like a nerd since then. I was allowed contacts when I was 13 but then in college wore them so often that I had to take a break for 6 months or I’d have eye issues. Now I mostly wear my glasses to work and save the contacts for big meeting days or when I have fun plans. Lasik me, please!

  11. Stephanie

    This is exactly why I cannot wear contacts all day. Plus working on a computer all day makes it worse. I got an OTC eye drop that is pretty amazing, but I still have to wear my glasses at work.

  12. Whitney @ EHFAR

    I’ve been wearing glasses since second or third fade and contacts since sixth grade. My glasses are so thick that is damn embarrassing. When I have worn them in the past, people are a always asking to try them on. They are then like, Wow, your eyes are bad. I’m like, no effin shit Sherlock. I can’t help it. The eye doctor said I was a perfect candidate for LASIK, but it still kind of scares me.

    I bet you that my prescription is worse… It’s so bad that people didn’t know they made prescriptions that strong

  13. Amanda

    I have had this exact thing happen to me! We’d be eye history twins! When they were checking your eyes did they put the horrid yellow drops in them that make you cry yellow tears for a few minutes? It’s the worst! I was such a huge baby about my steroid drops that I had to have my boyfriend help me. I used to sleep in my contacts though which is very naughty of me! x

  14. Alex[andra]

    I wish I had some advice for you! Like you, I’m too vain to wear my glasses… ever. So, I constantly wear my contacts. I haven’t had issues with dry eyes but I’m sure it’ll happen to me soon enough.

  15. TheTinyHeart

    I haven’t had dry eye but a while ago I kept getting pink eye. My eye doctor said I was wearing my contacts too often but thankfully I haven’t had that problem in a few years! I’m not a fan of wearing my glasses out in public either.

    The Tiny Heart

  16. Fairy Princess Jord

    Aw, I think glasses are cute but I can understand where you are coming from! I hope your dry eye starts to feel better!

  17. AM

    Used to wear contacts all the time as well but developed severe dry eye, then dizzy spells so had to give up wearing them. At first it was really hard because glasses just were not something I felt comfortable with. But now I have a few different color/pairs and it’s not so bad. In fact you would be surprised at the amount of people who tell me they like the glasses look. ha Though finding glasses that fit my small face is really tough. I started using Genteal drops they seem to work well. Good luck hope your dry eye gets better!

  18. Leslie

    I am blind as a bat and I absolutely HATE wearing my glasses. I only wear them right before bed and right when I wake up. I always feel like I look like I have ginormous eyes because my prescription is so bad! I scratched my cornea a few summers ago and had to wear my glasses and I refused to leave my apartment as much as I could so I totally feel your pain with the glasses!

  19. Cece

    Hard contacts! Wow. That’s rough. I don’t think I could ever do it. I’ve always been on soft. I’ve been wearing my glasses out on weekends when I run errands which is really new for me but at the same time liberating. I ditched make up and now I can also ditch glasses. But if I had to go out with them….it would suck!! Hope the dry eye goes away. My sister has been having some serious eye issue too. She has surgery a few weeks ago and has been stuck in her glasses for weeks.

  20. VintageLoveandPhotographs

    I was never really able to wear contacts because they made my eyes SOOO dry. I wish I could though..it would be nice to be able to see in the shower and what not lol

  21. Whitney Alison

    I’m having the opposite issue. I wear my glasses all the time, and my contacts are reserved for nights out, and first dates lol. I recently broke my glasses and I’ve been wearing contacts now for about a week. HOW DO YOU DO IT? I blink all the time like a crazy person and I just want my nerd glasses back. Asap.

  22. Liliana xo

    Sucks about the dry eyes at least they are getting a little better. I know i am going to need glasses, my eyesight has gotten so bad that i am having constant headaches, but i still haven’t gone because i just do not like the eye doctors, sort of like people don’t like the dentist. Something about them holding my eye open to examine it and getting sooooo close. No thanks. Let me just say when they do give me glasses that’s what i will wear, I didn’t know there were hard contacts, but in general i couldn’t wear contact because I am just skeeved out with things touching my eyeballs.

  23. Karly Kim

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! At least you’re Asian so you’ll look like a teenager for a really long time.

  24. BKCsquared

    I’m sorry to hear all of that!! I’ve had perfect vision for my whole life & now I’m starting to notice things that I used to be able to see get blurry…such a sad feeling!

    P.S. Your dog is an absolute cutie!!

    xo, B

  25. Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

    My eyes have been terrible since I was about 5! So I def know your pain..the doc even told me that he didnt think laser surgery would fix it :(..and I think you are cute with your glasses not dorky at all!

  26. Brittany

    I used to pray to god that I would get glasses or braces when I was young. I was so jealous of people who had them.

  27. Christina Warren

    These are darling!!!! I did the surgery when I was 21 so that I could be a pilot in the military…then it turned out that I was too short! lol.

  28. Annabel Krantz

    I had glasses since third grade, and wore contact lenses everyday from sixth grade for twelve years. I hated wearing my glasses too! Then, thanks to some good insurance, I qualified for free lasik last year. It’s incredible – i went from -7/20 to 20/20 in two days. Even after a year, sometimes I still go to take out my contacts; old habits die hard! Have you considered getting the laser surgery?

  29. snapshotsandwhatnots

    I wear contacts for vanity reasons too – I hate hate wearing my glasses and almost never do and never in public. So far I’ve avoided any eye problems but I’m wondering if perhaps I need to try harder to “like” myself in glasses…

  30. Donna

    I am right there with you. I have horrible eye sight. Horrible. Without glasses I can’t even see the biggest letters on the eye test. I wore contacts since grade 8 (I didn’t get glasses until the end of grade 7) and almost 2 years ago I had really dry eyes and ignored it for awhile. Went to the eye doctor and turns out I had worn my contacts so much it had caused staining on my corneas. Super awesome. I just got the go ahead yesterday that I can wear contacts again. Even though I’ve been forced to wear glasses I still hate them and can’t wait until my new contacts arrive!! Although I have learned my lesson and won’t wear them 10 hours a day 7 days a week…

  31. Angie's Angle

    I too have worn glasses forever. I first got them the summer into 7th grade. Summer into freshman year I was going to get contacts, but they told me I couldn’t because I needed bifocals. WHAT? I need what? Now? No! Years later I go in for another exam, and they are like why do you have bifocals? You do not need them. Now, they did say that they could have just healed themselves once I got them, or I might not have needed them, I did finally get wonderful amazing contacts in 2007 and now that is all I wear.



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