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Working on keeping your new business legal or don’t know where to even start? This is the perfect resource for you.

I created this free email course for anyone running their own online biz – learn the legal basics today to avoid potential problems with your biz. Make sure you are keeping yourself and your biz protected!


If blogging is your side hustle, instead of your full time gig, this email course is just for you.  There’s so much to think about with blogging and, if it isn’t your full time job, it can be a lot to deal with. I created this email course to help you get back on track. You are a Part Time Blogger – learn how to do it better.

Get these lessons straight to you inbox and learn my strategies for blog time management. These lessons will give you back your free time. No more rushing home after work to finish “blog stuff.” You will learn the easiest ways to pare down your blogging to do list, so you can get back to you life.


The legal and business stuff isn’t the fun stuff. You want to work on the fun parts of your blog and don’t want to spend hours and days and weeks learning the legal stuff.

So that’s why I’m here. I did the boring research for you. And I put the legal basics into this email course. I’ve figured out what you need to know and I’m going to share it with you, so you can get back to the fun parts of blogging and running your business.


You know that there is TONS to learn and understand when it comes to running your blog and business legally. If you are ready to take your blog more seriously, treat your blog like a business or make sure that your new online business is LEGAL, this is where Blog and Be Legal comes in.

The course has three different tiers, so you can just learn what YOU need to know. All of the courses include in depth video lessons, goodies to keep you on track (worksheets, info guides and more), plus different legal templates to take out the guesswork.

There’s a level for every blogger and entrepreneur – check out what you get –


Wondering about how to balance your blog along with the rest of your life? You might also be juggling a day job, family commitments, school or a million other things. This course will show you how to blog BETTER in LESS time.

As someone who has always worked full time while blogging, I have learned the best ways to grow my blog without sacrificing a ton of time. If you’re a newbie blogger or just want to be sure that you’re using your time wisely, this is the course for you.

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