There is so much to do with blogging, so we need to streamline the process any way that we can! Here are a few easy ways to streamline blogging to make it simpler and faster.

Easy Ways to Streamline Blogging - Best practices to blog more easily, efficiently and in less time! Learn these proven tips from a long time blogger.

Use a content calendar

If you know what you are going to post and when, it makes things so much easier. Create a general calendar with ideas then you just need to write the posts. I keep an Excel spreadsheet full of blog post ideas and review my ideas when I’m in the mood to write, then I can just move my posts around to fit into the calendar. A great way to keep yourself on track!

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Batch together tasks

Instead of taking photos for a blog post, editing the photos, writing a post, editing a post, and promoting a post multiple times a week, you can save time by doing the different tasks at once. For example – take all of your photos one day a week, do all of your blog post writing at one time, schedule all your social media promotions all at once, etc.

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Use scheduling services

Speaking of scheduling out your social media promotions, there are so many great easy ways to do this. You can use Buffer to schedule on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Hootsuite is another great way to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. I actually use Buffer but have used Hootsuite too – so just figure out which one you prefer. You can even schedule out posts on Instagram by using Schedugram. These are all great timesavers.

Choose a streamlined hosting service

Since switching over to WordPress a few years ago, I’ve been using Bluehost (affiliate link) as my hosting service. I have had great success using them and absolutely love working with them. A few times I’ve called customer service for support and they’ve been SO helpful and helped me really quickly. I had no idea what hosting service to use, so I’m super happy that Bluehost worked out so well. I’m not totally tech ignorant, but they’ve made it so much easier for me. (PS That’s an affiliate link, meaning I get a small commission if they buy using that link, but you won’t pay any more. Plus I wouldn’t refer you if I didn’t really love them, which I do!)

Any other ways that you streamline blogging for yourself? It’s always an evolving process to get my systems and procedures even better!

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