So I bought a few wreath forms from Hobby Lobby. They were only $3.99. Hobby Lobby has a lot of sales, but when they don’t you can get a coupon for 40% off a full-priced item from their website here. You can also pull the coupon up on your phone at the register, which is what I did. 40% off $3.99 is better than nothing. Here is what the wreath form looks like naked –

Yes, I used an old J. Crew catalog to keep from getting glue all over my table.

Above are the ribbons I originally bought. I just grabbed a few that were Christmas-y themed that I liked and didn’t have a real plan. But I ended up making the first wreath, pictured below.
1.) I alternated wrapping the green with the 2 patterns. I left the plastic ON the wreath since it is made of straw and I didn’t want straw all over my house.
2.) I started on the back of the wreath by using a regular stapler to secure the end of the ribbon. I also applied a small amount of regular craft glue on the back to (hopefully) keep everything in place. Then I just alternated the ribbons to create the pattern that I wanted. I stapled each new piece of ribbon into place to just keep it all together.
3.) Add whatever embellishments you want! I didn’t really think ahead to the embellishments part when I was at the craft store, so I just had some regular bows on hand. I applied a little glue on the backs and stapled the adhesive stickers to keep them in place. I also just added a bit of the plaid ribbon for fun too.

I liked how the first one turned out so much that I went out and bought more wreath forms, so I can give a few out as gifts!

On the one below, I used just 2 kinds of ribbon and some fancier gift bows. I also got some bells and used wire to wrap the wire with the bells around the wreath. The wire is hidden pretty well by the bows. I also just tied a short length of ribbon for hanging. Not sure how well that will work out, but we’ll see.

For the next one, I used a few different ribbons then put some of the fancier gift bows at the top. I added some bells to this one too. You can see below sorta how I used the wire to wrap around the wreath. Doing the bells over the green ribbon made the most sense since I had green wire.

For the last one, I took some fake berry thingies. I don’t know what you would call them. They are on wire and I just bent the wire behind the wreath. I got it reasonably flat/secure and used the wire to keep the berries in place. I just wrapped my green wire about the plaid section a few times. Then I made the slightly ghetto looking bow. I trimmed the ends and used a lighter on the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying.

I don’t know which is my favorite! I also don’t know who to give each one to! Which is your favorite? Have you done any fun recent Christmas crafts you want to share with me?