Getting a wee bit personal/introspective today… So things haven’t been going exactly the way I want them to lately, mainly with regard to my career. I won’t go into the dirty details, but I’ll say that when things aren’t going my way, I tend to compare myself to others. I’m turning into a hater! (P.S. This meme cracks me up and makes me so happy.)
I don’t begrudge anyone’s awesome opportunities or good news. I actually love hearing that great things are happening to the people I know. In fact my own fancypants fiancé just got a promotion last week. I am obviously thrilled because he works hard and totes deserves it. And my fabulous friend Steph got a much deserved promotion recently (shout-out girl!! winky-face!) and so did my sister last year. I love it because who doesn’t want good things for their friends and family, right?
So maybe I’m not a full on hater – I don’t hate on anyone for succeeding. As the saying goes, “don’t hate the player – hate the game.” So really what I’m hating on is that the success isn’t spreading itself over to me. Come on, success fairies – hook a sista up!
I guess the point of this is – when envy, jealousy or whatever rears its ugly head, don’t begrudge anyone their success. Instead be mad at the success fairies for not visiting you. Wait, no, that’s not it… Try to think how I am trying to think now – that all things happen when they are supposed to. And good things happen to those who wait? Not helpful, but being a hater isn’t helpful either so thinking positive thoughts has to be more productive. So that’s what this girl is going to do!
Or you can just dream of winning the lottery.
Any other advice for when things aren’t going your way? Hope everyone has a great weekend!