What is blogger’s block? (Aka the very specific version of writer’s block that applies to bloggers.) You finally have time to write an awesome new blog post. You grab a beverage of your choice and sit down in front of your computer, all jazzed up to write something awesome.


Your brain is totally blank. You can’t figure out where to even start. Or you start to write something and hit backspace. Over and over. You have blogger’s block. I’m here to help you to give over it.

So there can actually several different kinds of being stuck with writing for your block. Here are the common issues and the cures for bloggers block, so you can get unblocked fast.

The Cures For Blogger's Block - Feeling stuck with your blog? Learn why you can't seem to write blog posts and the cures for the different reasons you're feeling stuck. Cure blogger's block and learn how to write and finish MORE posts!

“I’ve Got No Ideas” Blogger’s Block

This is where you have the time to write and you want to write, but you have no idea at all on what to write about. You have zero ideas.

The Cures:

We’ll all been there. Sometimes you are just absolutely out of ideas. Your brain is running on empty. The best way to combat this is to never get to this point. Mm yeah super helpful I know. But let me explain. The way to make sure you’re never in this position again is to be prepared for this moment.

There are a million ways to make sure you always have super fresh blog post ideas. Here are just a few ways to brainstorm lots of blog post ideas, so you won’t ever be stuck for ideas again:

  • Keep a notebook with you all the time for ideas (or use your phone’s notes app).
  • Read your favorite book, magazine or website for inspiration – ideas that you can expand on and give your own fresh take (make sure not to straight up steal the idea – put your unique spin or perspective on it).
  • Tell a story – think of stories in your life – when you first realized something, your biggest regret, your biggest failure, your biggest success, how you started blogging, etc. Your life is full of experiences and you can use those to tell your story or share a lesson.
  • Chat with your family and friends about your blog topic. See if they have a perspective different from your own or if they’ve always wondered something about your blot topic that you’ve never thought about. Getting someone else’s perspective will get your brain thinking and get the ideas flowing.

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I’ve also created a great freebie to get you brainstorming ideas – you can print this out and refer back to it anytime for new ideas. Get it now by entering your info below –

“How Do I Get This Idea Out Of My Brain” Blogger’s Block

This is the kind of blogger’s block where you came up with a super amazing idea, but you don’t know how to execute it. Should it be a how-to post, a bunch of pictures, a list, lots of paragraphs, a heart-to-heart story, a funny anecdote, a rant. The possibilities are endless. You know it’s a great idea, but you don’t know how to bring that idea to life.

The Cures:

If you aren’t sure how to approach your blog topic, but you have a great idea, you need to just get started. Start jotting down everything that you can think of related to your post idea. You can do this as a draft in your blogging platform, open a new Word document, use Evernote or just use a good old pen and paper. Get out everything that has inspired you to write about this topic.

Once you have some words on paper (or screen), you should begin to see how your post should be structured. If you have 3 main points, maybe it’ll be good as a longer post written in 3 main sections (hmm kinda like this post??) Or you might see that you have tons of little points you want to make – this means your post should probably be more of a list post. Or maybe if you’re talking about your favorite products, you can create a beautiful image to grab your readers and then expand on it with some links to the products.

Brainstorming what you want to hit in your post will help you figure out how to get the idea out of your head and into an amazing blog post.

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“Never Ready To Hit Publish” Blogger’s Block

This is where you are about 90% done with a blog post. You have a great idea and you’ve written most of it buuuuut something’s missing. It’s not as funny as you thought it would be. Or you wanted a list of 10 tips and can only think of 8. Or you’re worried people will hate it or judge you for it or think it’s dumb or… a million other things. For some reason, this post just isn’t ready for the world, but you don’t know how to fix it.

The Cures:

Sometimes it can be good to step away from these types of posts when you’re feeling blogger’s block. If you’ve been starting at it forever and fussing over it, step away. For a few hours or a few days. When you have a fresh perspective on it, you will have a better idea of how you can finish up the post.

Consider having someone you trust read the post. If you’re worried that it will be controversial or make you look bad, another set of eyes can give you some advice.

Read the post out loud. If you’re having problems figuring out the “flow” of your post, reading it out loud will help you notice any weirdness going on.

Give yourself a hard deadline. Remember in school when you had to write a huge paper? You might’ve felt like it wasn’t perfect when you turned it in, but you had no choice. Having the deadline forced you to just get it done. Similarly, if you give yourself a hard deadline, you’ll have no choice but to just finish that post you’ve been sitting on for way too long. And if you still feel stuck, maybe it’s time to just let that post go for now. You can leave it in your drafts and move on. Or you can delete it and let it go. Who knows – maybe inspiration will strike you again on a different day and you can get it written and posted.

Hope you’re feeling stuck and the ideas are coming too (or you’re able to finally hit publish on some posts that have been in drafts for awhile!) Any other ways you work through blogger’s block?

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