How to Create the Perfect Media Kit - Your media kit is the perfect way to share all the info about you and your blog with potential brands for partnerships. My tips on how you can diy your own media kit for your blog!

What the eff is a media kit? That’s what I thought whenever I started hearing about media kits after I started blogging. If you’re also wondering what it is and how to create the perfect media kit, here are my tips.

Why do you need a media kit?

First off, a media kit is super helpful if you’re wanting to work with brands. Instead of emailing back and forth to work out all the details, you can just email your media kit to companies and brands.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is your quick way to let brands know who you are and what your blog is all about. Brands likely won’t have a time to check out your entire blog, so the media kit is a way for you to get them a quick rundown of what you and your blog are all about. This is a place to sell yourself and your services.

What should it include?

Your media kit should include some basic essentials, but it’s yours so you can personalize it as you want. I would recommend these essentials at a minimum:

  • Contact info: Blog name, URL, your name, email address and social media links.
  • Photo of you: Brands can put a face to your name/blog.
  • Bio of you: Talk about who you are, what you do, age, where you live, daytime job, etc.
  • Bio of your blog: Topics you blog about, what your readers like to read.
  • Stats: Can include page views, number of followers and demographics of your readers.
  • Sponsorship packages: Explain how you like to work with brands, such as ads, sponsorships, blog posts about brands, reviews of products, etc. You can list your minimum fees or indicate that you’re open to negotiation.
  • Popular posts: Choose a few of your most popular/favorite posts. Brands won’t have read your entire blog, so this is a way to give them a snapshot of what you’re all about.
  • Brands you’ve worked with: Brag a little and show off how you’ve worked with brands in the past. You can list past brand collaborations or even link to posts.

It’s a good idea to update your media kit every so often with updated stats, different popular posts and updates of recent brands you’ve worked with.

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How do I create a media kit?

Your media kit can be made in a few different ways, but however you make it, it should be similar to the aesthetics of your blog. You can see if your blog designer creates media kits, you can hire someone else who creates media kits or you can diy it.

I recently diy’ed mine (and am still working on tweaking it) and just created it in Microsoft Word. I contacted my blog designer (the amazing Lisette of Northern Belle Diaries / High Note Designs) and she let me know the font that was used in my blog. I used that font along with the header and photo from the top of my blog in a Word document. I included all the above elements and then saved it as a PDF. It’s not super fancy but it is clean, simple and has all the necessary info.

Remember above all that a media kit is a reflection of your blog / brand and should be an individualized representation of you. Have fun with your media kit while including the important info for anyone who wants to work with you.

Have you made a media kit or is it still on your to-do list?