pug - jade and oak

Recently I went to Walmart. (I rarely do this since I’m a diehard Target girl, but they had what I wanted and were open early.) Anyways, as I was walking in, I saw two teenager girls standing outside of each entrance and exit door. They looked to be in high school and were all holding plastic tubs/jars. I figured they were collecting money for some sort of charity but as I walked by they asked if I wanted to donate to their high school’s cheerleading squad.


When I was in high school, I was in the marching band (nerd alert). Whenever we needed new uniforms (super nerd alert), we did different fundraisers like selling hoagies (which might better be known as submarine sandwiches in other parts of the country), candy bars, raffle tickets, etc. We also had some different events where part of the admission fee would go to the band. However, we did not just ask strangers to give us money for nothing.

I know we could all be more charitable. I donate a little to the ASPCA each month, I’ll donate an extra dollar or two at stores for animal shelters or local hospitals and I try to donate to friends who are doing runs/walks for charities like the Humane Society, the American Heart Association or when we did the walk for the American Diabetes Association last year. I’m not rich and can’t give a ton but I do try to help out these charities. Of course I could do more, but it’s something for now.

Likewise, at different jobs, I have bought hoagies, popcorn, candy, wrapping paper or whatever for people’s kid’s fundraisers for school activities. And obviously I love Girl Scout cookies and love seeing the cute Girl Scouts hustling outside of grocery stores to sell some cookies for their troop.

To me, these things are different – donating money to a charitable cause versus buying an item for a school fundraiser where you get something and part of the money goes to the school/organization.

So this brings me back to the cheerleaders. I was perturbed by the fact they were asking for free money for a non-charitable reason. Yeah their squad probably needs the money for whatever, but it seems a little (a lot?) presumptuous to just ask people for cash. What do you guys think? Do you think this is a legit way to raise money or does it seem a little off to you too? Am I just a scrooge?