You’ve heard me talk all about how the legal side is super super super important for bloggers and small business owners. That’s pretty obvious. That’s why I love sharing legal info and tips with you in a few different formats.

There is of course the free content that I share on this blog, which is always a great resource to help you learn. I also have my free email course, Legalize Your Blog (which you can learn more about and sign up for by clicking that link!), which gives you legal info right to your inbox.

Blog and Be Legal - the start to finish guide to starting your blog & biz LEGALLY.

My paid ecourse, Blog and Be Legal, goes more in depth on legal info through video lessons. The course is perfect for bloggers and small business owners who are ready to really dive into the legal side and learn all that they need to know.

But I realized – not everyone is one size fits all. Blog and Be Legal is a great learning resource that is affordable at every level, but I knew I could do even better and changed up the course and added a more affordable option!

So I’ve created two new tiers of the course, so if you’re ready to learn the legal side, you can choose an option that is specially tailored to your needs.

Blog and Be Legal updates

Blog and Be Legal used to be $297 but now is only $157! How could I drop the price that much and still provide a ton of value? The course still includes all of the legal lessons, worksheets, info guides, checklists and money tracking spreadsheet. But, in order to make the price point more reachable for bloggers and new biz owners, I removed the originally included (pricier) legal templates and instead the course includes the Basic Blog Terms & Conditions statement template.

So you still get the legal education you need, plus a website template to get you started, but all at a much more affordable price.

Plus the course includes a 40% off coupon for the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclosure statements if you later want to get these more robust statements for your website.

Blog and Be Legal Lite!

If you’re looking for something even more affordableBlog and Be Legal Lite! comes with an even lower pricetag, but will provide you with the right amount of legal education for newbie bloggers, those who are still thinking about starting a blog, bloggers who aren’t monetized or just anyone not looking looking to turn their blog into a full blown “business.”

Even if your blog isn’t a business, you still need to have the legal basics in place, so Blog and Be Legal Lite! will keep you legally covered for a much smaller price tag and also includes a 40% off coupon for any Legal Marketplace templates for when you’re ready to level up!

Regardless of where you’re at in your blogging career, knowing about the legal side and making sure that you’re legally covered is the most important thing you can do. It’s never too late to get yourself legally covered, but it’s also never too early. You should be taking care of the legal side before it becomes an issue.

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