Be the Olivia Pope of Blogging - Love Scandal? Olivia Pope can teach us bloggers some pretty amazing lessons. Come get inspired by Olivia Pope to be a better blogger!

I love Scandal. It can be totally ridiculous but I just love it. Olivia Pope is a strong female character – she gets stuff done, but she’s also flawed and real. She is the go-to “fixer” in DC and everyone knows who she is. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the Olivia Pope… of blogging? Crazy, yes. But seriously, Ms. Pope can teach us all amazing lessons.

She’s the best at what she does.

She is the go-to person – she is known to be the best. If someone needs help with a Washington scandal, they know they need to get Olivia Pope. She has experience at getting results so people trust her to be the best person for the job. Likewise, as a blogger, we all want to be the go-to person for our blogging topic. Get the experience, show off your amazing results and your readers will want to come to you.

She surrounds herself with people she trusts.

Olivia Pope and Associates includes some loyal (and yeah, maybe a little crazy…) colleagues. She might have some trust issues with the men in her life (romantically and her dad), but she works with super loyal people. Huck and Quinn have their issues but Olivia knows that she can trust them because they trust her and want to do their best. She can also count on Abby and David and Jake – they know she will have their back, so they will always have hers.

In blogging, it’s always good to have friends we trust. Blogging is all about making connections with fabulous people – you can collaborate, get feedback on your blog and just support each other.

She always looks good.

I dream about having Olivia’s wardrobe. I want to look that good wearing cool swingy coats and strut in 4 inch heels on the cobblestone streets of DC. Sigh. Instead, I can just try to make my blog look as cool as Olivia does on a regular basis. A good looking blog makes your readers know you have your shit together (or at least it looks like you have your shit together). Then they will trust you and love you and want to hang out on your blog forever. Right? Right.

She’s real.

Olivia usually shows her strong side, but she is flawed. She has daddy and mommy issues, relationship issues, work issues, emotional issues (ya know, the whole being kidnapped thing…), she likes her red wine, etc. She usually puts up a strong front but she has real issues too and can be vulnerable. Likewise, on my blog I try to always put forth my best self but sometimes being vulnerable can be the best thing for your blog. It reminds your readers that you’re a real human being, not some superhero blogger.

She protects the ones she loves (or at least tries to).

We know that she has a great support team – they are loyal to her but she is also loyal to them. It’s good to remember we have to give as much as we take. In blogging, we want to have a real relationship with out readers. We want them to love us of course, but we need to work for that love!

Be there for your readers – show up regularly to your blog (whether that is once a day or once a month – what works for you), reply to comments, visit other blogs and support other bloggers’ work.

She knows when to admit defeat.

Sometimes Olivia doesn’t win so she has to admit defeat. Sometimes there is nothing else up her sleeve. She will break out the red wine but then she moves onto the next thing. We’ve all been there – we’ve worked hard on something (on our blog or otherwise) that just doesn’t work out. You might try out a new blog post series, reach out to a big blogger to do a guest post or attempt to learn another social media platform (I’m looking at you G+!) and fail. If we’ve done our best, there is no point in getting super mopey and discouraged. Admit defeat and move on!

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She’s a hopeless romantic but also has a practical side.

She loves Fitz but that whole thing obviously comes with a lot of baggage. Sometimes she’s all in, but other times, she knows it just can’t work.

I know I went into blogging thinking “this can’t be that hard!” and thought I’d spend a few hours a week blogging, have thousands of subscribers in a few months and then retire off my millions. Romantic thoughts. (Also I wasn’t that naive…) It’s great to be positive/romantic, but we also need to be realistic. Have goals for your blog but be realistic too – it all takes time.

I know my Scandal lovers are still with me, but hope that post helped everyone out a bit! Channel your Olivia Pope with your blog and kick the butt of some dirty DC politicians. Er, I mean, go make your blog awesome!