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My name is Jackie (my middle name is Jade – so there’s where the Jade comes from for my blog name!) I started Jade and Oak in 2012 as a lifestyle blog and my creative outlet as I was working full time as an attorney. I have been a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania since 2010 and have recently focused this blog more towards helping other bloggers on the business and legal side of blogging.

I balance a day job and freelance social media management along with having grown my blog into a full fledged business. growing my blog as a business. I love sharing what I’ve learned over the years – both general blogging information and tips, as well as legal info for bloggers and small business owners. I’m here to show you how to make your blog more awesome, turn it into a business and learn all the legal bloggy stuff in a non-boring way.

I know the law can be super intimidating, so it’s always my goal to educate bloggers in an easy to understand way. It’s super important that we legally protect our blogs asap so we don’t run into scary legal situations down the road.

If you are interested in making sure that your blog is LEGAL, be sure to check out my free email course, Legalize Your Blog. This course will get you starting thinking about the legal side of running your blog as a business, so you can make sure that you’re covered.

Plus don’t miss these blog posts, which are a great introduction to the legal side of running your blog – Is Your Blog a Business or a Hobby?, 7 Legal Myths About Blogging, and Blogging Legally 101.

Also, as someone who has been blogging for years, I have tons of blog posts to help you grow your blog too – Why You Need to Post Less on Your Blog, The Cures for Blogger’s Block, and 10 Ways to Improve Your Blog in Less Than 10 Minutes. These are all great ways to improve your blog game.

Since I know all about balancing life with blogger, check out my free email course, The Part Time Blogger. I created the course to help other bloggers who are struggling with balancing their blog along with their other time and life commitments. Trust me – you’re not alone!

A little bit more about me when I’m not lawyering or blogging… If you dig through the archives of this blog (I’ve kept up many of the non-legal or blogging related posts), you’ll find lots about my personal interests – including home designphotographyDIY’sballet and my pugs (of course). Although I’m focusing my blog more on the business/legal side of blogging, you can expect some fun personal posts now and then too. I know that I love learning more about my favorite bloggers, so I hope you’ll enjoy the personal posts too. If you want more of a behind the scenes glimpse, I post lots of fun random things over on Instagram too.

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