Isn’t Pinterest the best? I became obsessed with it long before I started my blog. You can find anything on there – inspiration, recipes, shopping ideas, whatever. And if you’re a blogger, it’s an amazing tool for your blog too. It’s the highest referrer for my blog so I make sure to use it every single day to promote my blog posts. Here’s what I’ve learned and 8 ways you can be better at using Pinterest too!

8 Ways to Be Better at Pinterest - Pinterest is one of the BEST ways to grow your blog and biz. Learn these best practices for using Pinterest BETTER.

Verify your website

You want to have that little checkmark next to your blog URL. This is the very first thing you should do when it comes to your Pinterest profile. It means your profile has a better ranking, so your pins will be ranked better too. It’s easy to get verified – go here and get it done!

Timing is important

Just like anything else, timing is important on Pinterest. I’ve read in multiple sources that the best times to pin on Pinterest are around 2 pm – 4 pm and 8 pm to 1 am (EST). But play around with your timing and see what works best for you.

… But timing isn’t everything

People go on Pinterest at all times, so if you pin at non-peak times, that doesn’t mean your pins won’t be seen. It’s all about volume with Pinterest. On platforms like Twitter, your posts get lost quickly if your tweet doesn’t go out when your followers are looking at Twitter. The Pinterest algorithm has changed so it’s all about having lots of high quality pins – this means that you need to be posting a lot and have your pins go out at all different times.

So you probably can’t be on Pinterest all day long to spread out your pins, so check out some great scheduling programs – I currently use Tailwind (affiliate link) but have also tried Buffer as well. These programs spread your pins out throughout the day so it looks like you are constantly pinning fresh content. They have free trials so try them out and see which one you love.

Have diverse boards

Even if your brand/blog focuses on a few topics, you can have a diverse range of pin boards. This study shows the most popular categories, with these as the top 10:

  1. Food/drink
  2. DIY/crafts
  3. Home decor
  4. Women’s fashion
  5. Weddings
  6. Design
  7. Hair/beauty
  8. Art
  9. Kids
  10. Photography

Don’t post about these topics if they have nothing to do with your blog, but keep these categories in mind if you want your pins to reach more people. Overall your boards should be highly relevant to what you blog about, but also include boards that your ideal reader would be interested in too. No one is interested in just one topic, so having a fun range of topics will help you to reach more pinners!

Use fabulous images

Pinterest is a visual platform, so having beautiful photos or graphics is a great way to get re-pins or clicks. Since all pins are the same width, taller pins do better, with the optimal size being about 400 pixels wide and 700 pixels tall. Also include attention grabbing text on your images so people can easily see what your pin is all about. You can use a free program like Canva or PicMonkey to make beautiful images. It’s a good idea to also include your blog name and/or URL, so in case the link is broken ever, pinners will still be able to find your blog.

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Pin to different boards

If you have a pin that is relevant to a couple different boards, definitely pin it to all of those different boards. But don’t do that all the pinning at once because then your followers will have all the pins come up at one time which is annoying. And you don’t want to annoy your followers. If you use a scheduling program, you can have the pins go up at different times so people won’t even notice that you’re re-pinning the same thing several times.

Strategically arrange your boards

You want your most popular boards in the top two rows since those are the ones people will see first when they check out your profile. You need to have a board just with pins for your blog or business and that should absolutely be first. If a new person stops by your profile, they can easily see what you’re all about. If you also have any holiday/season specific boards, move those to the top during that season.

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Group boards

Group boards are a really great way to reach lots more people who aren’t already following you. With a group board, you are basically pinning to a board along with several or lots of other pinners. These boards can have a huge following since if someone follows a pinner, they are following that board too. So if one (or several) popular pinners are part of that board, your ability to reach a new audience grows a ton.

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Pinterest is one of the BEST ways to reach more people so definitely take advantage of this amazing resource and work hard at growing your PinterestSo those are some easy ways to up your pinning game. Anything you’d add to this list? Or have you had any success doing these types of things?

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