We all want more traffic for our blogs, right? If only there were a magical fairy to bring us more traffic and pageviews… Sigh. When I started blogging, I thought you could simply write amazing content and the readers would find you. Yes, amazing content should be your #1 priority, but you need more than just that to grow your traffic and pageviews. Over the years, I’ve grown my website and blog a ton, using various methods for growth. Here are my favorite methods and the top 12 blog traffic growth methods you need to use too!

12 Blog Traffic Growth Methods You Need to Use - It can be tough growing your blog, so check out these proven methods for getting more traffic, pageviews and followers for your blog right now!

1. Share your content on non-traditional platforms

We all know about promoting our newest blog posts on traditional platforms (mainly Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), but what about the growing non-traditional platforms? I’ve just started using Medium more and it’s a great way to reach different readers. Research platforms that work well for your niche and submit your blog posts to big sites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post too. Get your name out there so you can get more eyes on your content

2. Create a post series

Sometimes super long, in-depth posts are just what you need. Someone finds your amazing post and it contains all the info that they want on that particular topic. Woohoo! But other times, you can break your topic down into several smaller posts that are more easily digestible. (I did this with my Audit Your Blog series – it worked because the 3 separate posts had action items and you had a week in between posts to work on them.)

A series can build excitement since your readers can follow along. It can also increase your pageviews since people are clicking through to several posts instead of just visiting one page of your blog.

3. Link to your own posts

Think of your blog like it’s own little spiderweb. Each post should recommend other posts on your blog, so a reader can just keep clicking around to relevant content. If they like Post 1, tell them they will like Post 2, Post 3 and Post 4 too! You have tons of great content, so recommend similar posts to your readers so they can easily find your great content.

Take time to update some of your most popular posts. Look at your Google Analytics (or your WordPress stats) to see your most popular posts. Go into your most popular 5-10 posts and add 2-3 links in each of those posts to some of your other posts that are related. This way, when someone lands on your blog, if they like what they see, they can easily find tons more.

When you write new posts, make sure to link to relevant past posts too. This will keep your spiderweb of awesome posts growing and growing!

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4. Guest posts

Guest posting is nothing new, but it’s seriously so important. It gives you access to someone else’s established audience and is your chance to shiiiiiiiine and show how smart you are. Not all bloggers accept guest posts but it never hurts to ask. When you approach another blogger to ask if you can guest post, always make your inquiry personalized and friendly. I’ve gotten a ton of really generic requests and I delete them. If someone just says “hey your blog, jadeoak.com, is great!” or calls me by the wrong name – I’m just deleting.

But when I get really authentic and unique requests, then I’m way way more open to considering it. So if you are pitching a guest post, be sure to know who you are pitching to, get their name and website name right (duh!), tell them about yourself/your blog and (most importantly) share why your guest post will be beneficial to that blogger’s readers. Pitch a few ideas of what you would like to write about and why her reader’s would love love love it.

If you do guest posting right, it is an amazing way to reach a whole new audience for your blog.

5. Add your most popular posts to your side bar

People are visual, so adding your most popular posts to your side bar with images will catch your readers’ eyes and get them to clicking on some of those posts that apply to them. There are great widgets or plugins out there to automatically rotate certain posts or you can manually update this periodically.

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6. Have lots of places for people to click on your menu

If you want to keep people on your website, you need to make it clear what you can do for them. If you are selling something, like products, courses or services, people need to know how they can work with you. Your menu is the first thing people will see when they come to your blog, so be sure it contains the most important aspects of your website, right at the top. This is the first impression and will show new visitors what you’re all about.

7. Create a resources or “start here” page

Whenever I find a new website, I want to quickly see if it pertains to me, so I always look for a start here or resources page. This quickly shows me what the site is all about and if the content is relevant for me. Also this is where you can showcase your best posts and what you want new readers to know about you and what you do.

8. Share posts with your email list

This is another no-brainer, but we all know how important email lists are. Your email list is your way to reach out directly to your subscribers in their inbox. If you have a phenomenal new blog post, share it with your list, instead of assuming they will just happen to find it. They signed up for your list because they like you and your blog, so make sure they are seeing your new content.

Of course, don’t just use your email list to send out new posts constantly, but if it’s something you don’t want your subscribers to miss, be sure to share it with them.

You can also create a “new subscriber” email or series of emails where you share your best content. This is a great way for the new subscriber to learn more about what you have to offer and check out some blog posts that they might not see otherwise.

9. Be involved in Facebook groups

Facebook can be a black hole if you just have a fan page for your website and only promote your new blog posts, since the algorithm tends to not show much of what we post. But Facebook groups are a hidden gem. Joining relevant Facebook groups is a way to find likeminded bloggers, potential readers / customers and just be part of a supportive community. (Speaking of, check out my free Facebook group – Blog While You 9-5 Facebook Group.)

Most groups don’t just want you promoting yourself constantly, since then it would just a promotion-fest. Instead, post great info and tips, share other people’s work, answer questions and just be super helpful and useful. People will remember your awesomeness and then, if/when you promote anything (when allowed), they’ll recognize you as a useful group member and not just some sleazy self-promoter.

10. Do a series or challenge on Instagram

One of my goals is to work on growing my Instagram since it’s such a fabulous and pretty platform. I’m constantly scrolling through Instagram to find new businesses to follow. One great way to grow your Instagram is to do a series. I’ve done an Instagram series a few times to promote my courses or new offerings. For example, I did a series to promote my ecourse Blog and Be Legal with 7 days of legal tips on my Instagram using the hashtag #blogandbelegal. I’d always been an inconsistent Instagram poster, so this held me accountable to post for 7 days straight and I included quick legal tips for my followers too. I gained about 100 followers that week, which shows how important value and consistency is on Instagram.

If you are struggling with using Instagram to promote your blog, try doing a series of posts, using a hashtag so others can follow along and even post their own relevant posts with the hashtag too.

11. Connect with other bloggers

There are so many ways to make great connections with your fellow bloggers. You’re in this together, so if you make great connections, your blogging network will grow and others will recommend and link to your content. Be sure to share other people’s content on social media, visit blogs and leave comments and be supportive in groups like on Facebook. This is a simple one, but sharing is caring!

12. Pinterest it up

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get your blog out there. It is the #1 referrer for my site and I reach so many more readers everyday on Pinterest. Make sure every single one of your blog posts includes a fabulous pinnable image (an image that is taller than it is wide, is eye catching and includes text). Pinterest is a visual platform so you need pretty graphics to encourage others to repin and click through to your content.

Also get involved in popular group Pinterest boards to reach even more potential readers. Group boards are a great way to get new pinners to find you and your blog. I also took Melyssa Griffin’s fab course, Pinfinite Growth (that’s my affiliate affiliate link!), awhile ago and it really helped me to up my Pinterest game. If you’re wondering how to improve with Pinterest, definitely check out Melyssa’s course.

So there you go – my fave methods for growing my blog traffic and followers. Blogging definitely isn’t easy but it’s so worth it. Have you tried any of these methods before? What has worked for you? Also if you loved this post, click on the links on the left to share on social media – you’re the best!

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