I know I’m not alone in feeling like there is never enough time. After work, I have a million things to do everyday, on top of working on my blog. So I’ve figured out the fastest ways to get results – I call it my own personal path of least resistance. Today, I’m sharing 10 ways you can improve your blog in 10 minutes or less!

10 Ways To Improve Your Blog In Less Than 10 Minutes - Making serious useful changes to your blog doesn't have to take forever. These improvements all take less than TEN minutes!

Use the same image on your blog and social media platforms

Using the same image across all platforms creates instant recognizability. People will know it’s you immediately and start to associate that certain photo of you with your overall “brand” for your blog.

Update your About page

Chances are, your About page is outdated. You might have written it a year ago and haven’t thought about it since. But new blog visitors are likely to check it out, so make sure it’s up to date. You don’t need to change it constantly but you don’t want it to still say “engaged to the love of my life” if you’ve been married for a year and have been gushing about your beautiful wedding. #awkward

Plus – people want to get to know the person behind the blog. Share juicy facts about yourself and include some recent brag-worthy accomplishments. This is where you can gush about your awesomeness.

Include sharing buttons for every post

If someone looooooves your blog post and wants to share – make it easy on them. Having easily accessible share buttons make it so much easier for people to share your content. I have share buttons at the end of each blog post, plus a Pin It button at the top of each post (hint hint, in case you want to share this post!)

People like easy, so make it easy for them.

Link back to old posts

You have lots of fabulous posts in your archives, so help your readers find those posts. Link back to your own relevant posts often. If someone is on your blog reading about a specific topic, chances are they’ll love your archived posts about a similar topic. Speaking of…

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Include a call to action in every post

This is where you tell people what you want them to do. If you’re interested in an ongoing discussion, ask your readers to comment. If you want them to share your post, then go ahead and ask them! People are busy so, even if they love your blog, they might not comment or share if they don’t get reminded. Go back to old blog posts and add a “call to action” – anything from soliciting suggestions for other favorite recipes, asking your readers to comment if they agree/disagree, telling them to follow you on social media for similar tips from you, etc.

Create an email newsletter

I’ll admit that I was late to jump on with getting my own newsletter (oh and yep, you can click there if you want to join mine). But having your own email newsletter is a really great way to connect with your audience. I love that I know my newsletter subscribers have invited me into their inbox and it gives me an opportunity to get really personal. A newsletter is also a great place to share exclusive offers, behind the scenes looks or just different content from what you share on your blog.

You can sign up for a free email list with lots of different providers. I personally have been using Mailchimp and love how user friendly it is.

Join Facebook groups

Being active in a Facebook group is a great way to meet new blog friends and bounce ideas off of other bloggers. Find a few groups in your niche and be an active and useful member. This means don’t just spam everyone with promotions about your own stuff (because you’ll just annoy them). Pose thoughtful questions and craft really useful answers to the people’s questions. You’ll likely learn some great tips for yourself and also gain some new friends. I’m working on a whole post about how to really utilize Facebook groups, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, join my free Facebook group for bloggers who also have a day hustle – the Blog While You 9-5 Facebook group!

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Create a Start Here page

Having a Start Here page is the perfect gateway for new visitors to your blog. You are basically showing them what you and your blog are all about in a really succinct way. Although I have a “Read More” area in my sidebar, I’m working on creating my own Start Here page. I should take my own advice – oops!

Create canned email responses

You know those emails you get where you always write the exact same response? (Something like “Thanks but no I don’t want to write a free sponsored post for you, especially considering you addressed this email to ‘Dear jadeoak.com'”.) Well instead of spending time answering those emails, you can create canned responses to quickly use as your reply. You can create these in your email provider or just keep a draft in a Word document or Evernote to just copy and paste. Quick and easy. And yes, I’ve seriously gotten emails that say “Dear jadeoak.com” – jeez. Anyone else??

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Find and use your fave programs for social media scheduling

I used to manually schedule out tweets. And manually post to Facebook whenever I wanted to promote a blog post. And manually post to Pinterest one billion times a day. But now I’ve found really great programs to do these things for me, which is a HUGE time saver. Spending a little bit of time to schedule things out ahead of time is probably the best thing I’ve done for my blog. Scheduling programs help you to constantly promote your blog posts and get more pageviews. What’s not to love, right?

Speaking of pageviews, I’m really excited to share more about my fave ways to get more pageviews with my free webinar this week! I’m hosting with Helene from Helene in Between (who I’m sure you know, because she’s awesome.) We’ve been blogging for about the same amount of time and have both adapted to all the crazy changes in blogging over the years.

On Thursday, we’re hosting a free webinar – More Pageviews, The Easy Way! We’re going to share the easy way we both have been increasing our pageviews everyday (without spending tons and tons of time). So just click below to register! See you on Thursday!

(UPDATE: The webinar is over, but you can learn some of my favorite ways to get more pageviews in my course, Blog While You 9-5 – created for bloggers who blog along with their full time job or other time commitments. Check it out!)

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