valentine’s day wreath {diy}

I have been trying to make it look like grownups live in our house. We’re bad at landscaping and I don’t do lots of themed decor. So my easy start has been to do a little themed wreath. Easy. If I just make a few over the years, then I’ll several wreaths for the different seasons. I’ve made a Christmas wreath and a fall wreath so here is my Valentine’s Day wreath.
If you want to make a similar one, it’s super easy! 
To make your own: Buy a wreath form (like this or this one). Then I just wrapped the form with alternating yarn in red and white. If you want the sections to be even just measure beforehand – basically just measuring it out in halves so that it’s even. (And yeah it kinda just looks like a life preserver if you leave it like this…)

Then I just embellished with some things I had around. I cut out some hearts from felt. I used a hot glue gun to attach the hearts and a piece of lace that I had. Then I used a piece of white ribbon for the top. Easy peasy.

Oh and while I was taking the above photos of the wreath on our door, this was going on by my feet. Pugs viciously barking at the snow. Super helpful.

I’m not super into Valentine’s Day but since it’s been so cold and gross, it’s nice to have a pretty and bright something to come home to. Anyone else do any kind of Valentine’s Day decorating?


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    look at you getting all crafty for valentine’s day! i usually don’t decorate BUT, this year i may have to do something. i’ve seen some cute tutorials floating around on pinterest for cards and centerpieces. enjoy your day!

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    This is super cute!!

    I made one similar to this for 4th of July a few years ago and made my husband finish it. It took me so long to wrap the yarn around it (I gave up after a few minutes hehe) and let him finish. He said never again haha

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    Love this idea babe! I’m throwing a Vday themed baby shower in Feb so will definitely keep this DIY in mind for decor! I could totally reuse this for Christmas too! Minus the hearts :D

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my top organizing tips from the pro!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

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    Haha I love “I’ve been trying to make it look like grown ups live in our house”, I feel your struggle. That wreath is adorable! And if you make one decoration a year you’ll end up with a good sized collection!

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    i made a valentine’s wreath a couple days ago, but i’m not sure it turned out as nice as yours :) sort of fun to decorate for the valentine’s day so that we don’t have to miss the christmas decorations too much :)

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    I just found your blog and I feel like I scored big! I also have two pugs (and a wily Boston). Your wreath is adorable. It reminds me of a pretty blanket my mom made for me a long time ago. That blanket is the girliest thing ever – tons of hearts, ribbons, and lace. It’s awesome.

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    That’s so cute!

    And that snow!~ Looks so nice and makes me want to cozy up. Your dogs are so adorable too. I love looking at your IG posts of them ;)

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