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One of my unofficial goals/resolutions for 2014 is to travel more. Or at least make plans to travel more. Our wedding is later this year so I know we won’t be able to travel a ton since we’ll be paying for that and hopefully going on a super awesome honeymoon.
I have previously mentioned that I traveled quite a bit when I was younger. When I was 20 I was in London for study abroad for four months. I loved it so much that I moved back there after I graduated from college and lived and worked there for about nine months. It was obviously so great to live there but it was also so awesome to be able to travel so easily to other countries in Europe. If anyone else is planning European travel in 2014, here are some of my favorite past destinations (and places where I would love to return to) –
London of course. I was obsessed with the gardens – must check them out if you go there. The first is at Hampton Court Palace and I think the second is Regents Park. Next time I would love to find a place to stay that is close to the gorgeous parks.

Barcelona, Spain is one of my favorite cities ever. La Sagrada Familia is a cathedral that has been under construction since 1882 and its anticipated completion date is 2026. A must see for sure – 

I loooooved the week that I spent at a resort in Mykonos, Greece. Ignore how gross I look in this photo (and the fact that I’m shoving a crepe in my face) and check out the gorgeous background. I wanna go back! –

Venice was really cool and I ate my weight in delicious and cheap gelato. It’s probably on most people’s must-see list and for good reasons – 

Finally, when I wasn’t able to travel far, I really enjoyed exploring other English towns, including Oxford, Brighton and Bath. Below is a photo of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton (which also has a lovely beach) – 

Since we’re getting married this year, I doubt we’ll be able to go on another vacation besides our honeymoon. So our tentative plan now is to save up after the wedding and go to Europe in 2015. I’m sad it’s so far away but I can’t wait. And of course in the meantime we can do some lovely trips. Plus all the above photos were taken on a film point and shoot camera so I would love to go back and get some better photos of all of these lovely places.

What travel destination is on your list for 2014 (or later in the future)? Anyone planning big travel soon?


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    you had some really great travels! i did lots of travelling all before i was 10, lol! canada, germany, many of the states…just wish i could remember!! i definitely want to start travelling again.

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    Studying abroad is such an amazing things and opens so many doors in life! I traveled to Australia met my sweetie and now I live with him in Iceland! Aside from my ode to study abroad I love so many places you have listed here. I hope this year to make it to London, England in general, and a trip to Scotland or Ireland, I would be happy with whichever! Hope you get to have an awesome trip for your honeymoon!

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    Yay! I love when people resolve to travel. my main squeeze and I spend all of our extra money on trips. if you can’t take big ones (bc of that tiny little wedding thing which I know are super cheap) weekend getaways are always a good option!!

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    one of my favorite trips was touring italy back in 2006 for 4 glorious weeks! it was amazing; we rented a car and drove all over. if we weren’t driving, we were walking or taking the local transit.

    in the near future, i want to do most of europe, especially the Nordic countries.

    Vodka and Soda

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    I feel the same way…I miss traveling like how I used to! I loved looking at your old travel pics–seeing some of those places brought back good memories for me. Hopefully I get to go to Costa Rica this year…I’ve been wanting to go for a very long time. Good luck on saving $$ for your next trip to Europe. I really hope it works out for you.

    Améliorer la Vie

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    I had the opportunity to travel to Italy this past year while in University and loved it! Now that I’ve graduated I really want to travel more, especially to the UK and Ireland and other parts of northern Europe, but money is an issue. Even if I am unable to travel to Europe in 2014 (I will for sure in 2015!) I hope I can at least explore some places in the US that I haven’t seen. Just to see new places always makes me excited! :)

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    I hardly ever leave my state. It looks so pretty there. The last time I went somewhere was a few years ago to the Baltimore Aquarium, and not too long ago to the VA Beach Aquarium…

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    Wow!. You have traveled so much. I really wish to go to all these places you have mentioned. So lucky that you got to live in London for a while. I have been to Singapore and Thailand. Was really nice. I wish to go to Switzerland one day!. Love the pix!

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    I’m with ya on this honey! Le bf and I usually take one int’l trip per year but seeing as how life/work demands are getting crazier with age- gotta make this a priority!

    Happy New Year hun! Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

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    I am REALLY hoping to score some sort of contract position at a camp/retreat centre in the Southern US in the fall, I’ve already started sending out emails and scoping out some potential places. Texas, Alabama, Arkansas & Kentucky are my top choices right now! Not very exciting but I am dying to experience southern living! (And escape Canadian winter!)

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    Oh how I wish we could do some traveling! With my hubs in law school, there just isn’t the time (or money). Maybe once he gets out we can go somewhere! We both love to travel. I have only been to Europe once, but I would love to take my husband there someday.


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    We looooooveee traveling! I am always planning the next vacation. We are going to Cancun and NYC this year. Already booked!!

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    Of course my fave photo was the one of you eating a crepe in Greece! LOL. Love that you worked in London after college. We did a little European jaunt this past fall and I’m dying to go back-havent’ done England or Spain. They look and sound divine.

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    Traveling is always the perfect resolution. it’s just good for the soul. Love all those places. I would love to take my little one to either paris or london this summer. let’s see!

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    Singapore, Costa Rica, Korea to name a few. I actually not have even thought of Barcelona Spain but would consider it. I know you are counting down the days to 2015.

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    I’m actually traveling right now. :) But only within America. We are hoping to move out of country later this year, so I guess that’s our big travel plan for the year!

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    These pictures are amazing! I would LOVE to visit Spain! I’ve been to Italy, but my native Spanish-speaking self would paint Barcelona red!


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