the thing my fiance doesn’t want me to tell you

ross dress

Jarrod and I both love a deal. However, I hate when he tells people how we got such a “deal” on something. Like if we just got something new and someone says that they like it, he’ll be like “dude, we got such a good deal! It was only $[insert super low amount here]!” And I get annoyed because I don’t want everyone thinking we’re cheap. But I am guilty of doing the same thing.

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should – especially if you like a million photos of sleeping pugs), you’ll see that we went to a gorgeous wedding over the weekend. It was a black tie wedding so I was excited to get to wear a long dress. But I didn’t want to spend a ton on a dress I would probably not get a chance to wear again (since when else do we go to black tie events? Hint: never.) I trolled the sale racks at Nordstrom and I looked for a good deal online and came up empty handed. It was hard to even find many cute long dresses and any that I did like were hundreds of dollars.

Then I found a pretty much perfect dress. And here is the thing Jarrod doesn’t want me to tell you: it was from Ross (aka Ross Dress for Less) and it was $30. THIRTY DOLLARS! I was thrilled when I found it, except that it was actually too short for me to wear heels (I’m 5’6″) so I had to wear flats. I was initially kinda bummed about that, but no one could tell and I was comfier. At the wedding, one girl said that she loved my dress and saw it at Nordstrom and wanted to buy it. “Nope it’s from Ross!” I told her just as Jarrod was walking up to me and rolled his eyes. Someone else asked if it was BCBG and I saw “No it’s from Ross!” Again, Jarrod was like “jeez, quit telling people that.” Later a girl I didn’t know complimented my dress and finally I said “thanks.” Jarrod would be proud.

So even though I get annoyed when he brags about deals, I feel some strange pride telling other ladies about dressing for less. I rarely pay full price for things if I can help it so I like to brag about it. It’s a little cheesy/inappropriate, but I just can’t help myself. Who doesn’t like to get a good deal? And here are some other photos from this absolutely gorgeous wedding.

ross dress
The rest of our Memorial Day weekend was relaxing. How was all of your weekends? Also anyone else want to brag about finding good deals? Tell me about them!


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    Funny how he’s okay with telling people about your great deals, but is weary at the mentioning of Ross. I love Ross! :) And anyone who judges you for it isn’t anyone I’d want to be around anyways. Love the dress!


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    I love a bargain too! I understand what you mean, about feeling like a bit of a cheapskate always telling people about your latest steal, but I’m pretty sure everyone loves getting a great deal! I wouldn’t worry too much. Especially because the dress is so cute!

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    I love Ross. It’s totally my favorite. I have gotten amazing brand name handbags there and such cute outfits! That dress is lovely!

  4. Zoe says

    It is an exceptionally pretty dress, lovely colour, perfect length! And of course being thrifty is a great quality in a wife (actually in a person in general), so your fiance will consider himself lucky in the end!

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    Gorgeous wedding! Saw your dress on Instagram, and it’s gorgeous! I love deals like that! I found an awesome evening gown that looks just like Alice & Olivia in some cheesy catalog for like $50 over the winter. I do try to keep what I pay for stuff under wraps though, it’s better to just say thanks if you can : )

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    I live in deal-land like you guys! I know, sometimes it can get crazy. Yes, your dress is killer and I am LOVING the price tag! I am addicted to deals and hearing about deals! This is totally worth bragging about! It looks so expensive and gorgeous on you! Lovely wedding!!

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    Hi Jackie!! WOW that dress is absolutely gorgeous!! What an absolutely beautiful color too! I love getting things for less!! Usually I just say thank you but every one is different and handles spreading the word differently! I have no issue disclosing prices on my blog, but cant say it out loud :( Maybe I should, lol! You looked beautiful Jackie! Hope Bowie and Rosie didnt miss you guys too much! Hagw and talk soon! ;D XO


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    haha I love a good deal too and I’m so guilty of telling people the cost of my clothes! I am especially proud of my ability to find really nice boots at thrift stores. My boyfriend Ian is the same way but we should really rein in our need to tell people how little we paid for things. The dress is beautiful though, I really like the teal colour :)

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    First, that dress is amazing!!! I can’t believe you got it at Ross!!!!! I never have any luck there. Ever!

    I love getting a good deal, and I usually share it with most people but not always. My husband can be cheap about things and be like HOW MUCH IS THAT?!?! And I am always just like shhhhh to think it is fine we dont have to say it out loud to look cheap!

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    First of all, that dress is fabulous. Second, go ahead and brag! I absolutely hate paying full price for things too so I think it is fabulous that you nailed such a great deal! No shame in saving money instead of throwing it away when you don’t have to!


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    Haha i think it’s because girls get a deal high when we find something on super discount, and you know when you tell another girl about it she’ll get it. Though it’s so funny he’s so disapproving over it, haha. And it’s amazing some gals thought it was BCBG- you did an amazing job hunting that gem up!

    xo marlen
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    I do the same thing!!! I’m compelled to say if it was super cheap whether it’s clothes or furniture or whatever else. On the other hand if it was super expensive I typically won’t say. Like our flat screen TV. It was a good deal but ya know those are just really expensive. When someone says they like it we don’t say-well it was a lot of money!! LOL

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    haha – you reminded me of that commercial – She got it at Ross 😉 I love deals and more then happy to tell others about them and wow them with the kind of deal I/We got. Beautiful dress & beautiful couple :)

    This weekend was pretty normal for us, nothing special!

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    you rocked that dress sistah … and for the record, i never would have known you got it for a steal! i went into a ross for the first time last week. i did not find any clothes but walked away with some household stuff that i couldn’t resist. they had handmade baskets (my obsession at the moment) and i was able to get a mini stash for the price i would have paid for one online!

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    I meant to leave you a comment on instagram because that dress looked so classy and elegant! Then I was thinking…well I could probably never afford it anyways. I brag about deals. It doesn’t make me feel cheap because realistically, who am I to try to pretend I’m living lavishly. Although lately, I try to just say “thanks” and let it go because I’m not sure other people are as excited as I am. You and your fiancee look great and I know you’ve been planning your wedding so best of luck to you!!!

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    There is a conclusion that we ( becouse me too) are a slaves of succes and on one hand we have to make a good deals but on the other its a metter of prestige to show how expensive our cloths are. And thats some kind of schisofreny: -)
    You look gorgeous in that dresss!


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