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Right now, our “guest room” is really just my closet/dressing area. The room is pretty small and I use all the closet and dresser space for my own stuff. But it is still nice to have a room with a bed for whenever we have guests. In our next home, I hope to have an actual dedicated guest room and can’t wait to decorate it so that it’s actually welcoming (as opposed to our current guest room chock full of my stuff).

In dreaming of my perfect guest room, I came across this great article at Urbanara, a UK-based home decor brand. Here’s a list of their tips mixed in with my own on how to make your guest room ready for company – 

1. Fresh flowers always make a room more welcoming. I would have fresh flowers in my house all the time if I could. They seriously brighten up a room so much. Just be sure to not pick anything with too strong of a fragrance since it could be overpowering or just plain unappealing to your guests. 

2. Make up a fresh bed with crisp sheets. I love sheets with a higher thread count. I never thought they made much of a difference until I tried to go back to not as fancy sheets. There is definitely a difference, so it’s so worth it. I can’t wait to register for fancier sheets when we get married last this year. 

3. Provide extra towels for your guests. Sometimes guests bring their own towels but it can’t hurt to provided extras for them as well. 

4. Provide a hairdryer and straightener for your guest or let them know where you keep an extra.

5. Put together a little welcome basket for your guest. You can include a mini toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash/towelettes, magazines, gum, etc.

6. If you have a tv in the room – let your guest know the secret way to turn it on. I swear every tv anymore has a million different remotes and half the time I’m too dumb to figure out how to work them.

7. Have a bedside lamp. It’s never fun to turn off a lightswitch and then try to fumble your way over to a bed in a strange house. 

8. And lastly, as a guest, I always want to know if they will be coffee in the morning! So if your guests are anything like me, make sure you have a strong pot of coffee ready to go in the a.m.

Any other tips for preparing your guest room for out-of-towners? Or what have you appreciated that past hosts/hostesses have done when you’ve stayed at friends’ homes?



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    That room is beautiful, I would like to sleep in it! I don’t have a guest room as of yet, but if I do I have more information on it! Thank you very much!

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    What great tips, I can’t wait to move to a bigger apartment where a guest room is available, and maybe then I can get my family over to visit more often.

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    I have a guest room that rarely gets used. No one wants to come visit Birmingham, apparently. Haha. But I think it is so fun to have a special place for guests to come and feel welcomed in your home. These are great tips to ensure a comfortable stay! Maybe one day we will live somewhere cool that our friends will want to visit!

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    I think having a guest room is such a great room to have, out here in NYC the apartments are not so roomy and the more bedrooms you have the more rent is so sometimes we don’t have the luxury of having guestrooms.

    Liliana @ Lilixoana

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    Our guest room is pretty much completely empty. I love the idea of having a little “welcome basket” though. Something easy, but thoughtful!

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    I have a guest room at home. Unfortunately the only thing in it right now is a bed! I cannot really remember the last time I had a guest stay overnight but I should probably invest a little time and money in to fixing up the room anyway. Like everything else though I have just been kind of waiting until I have some kind of plan for work.


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    My “guest room” is our pull out couch. I think the only one of these that follow are providing fresh sheets. Whoops. We’ll use the fact that we live in a one bedroom as our excuse!

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    We frequently have overnight guests from out of town and I’ve never had a guest that has not brought their own toiletries or used mine. I am not a fan of an extra thing sitting out getting dusty just to hold trial size products.

    I do always stock extra tooth brushes. I also have a basket with remotes, bedside lamps, and coasters next to each bed.

    I also don’t do the fresh flowers – I want them to have all the available space to use to lay out their items as they’d like.

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    Love these tips! As a poor college student I am nowhere near having a guest room (my guests have to sleep on an air mattress or in bed with me) BUT I still try to make my guests feel welcome. I love the fresh flowers and a “welcome basket”.

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    This reminded me so much of my house now. Our “guest room” is nothing but a black room that I use the closet space and have my stuff in. We have room for a bed, but haven’t made the jump of buying furniture for that room yet. We’ve only lived here since October though we have plenty of time for me to dream up the best guest room, thanks for sharing the tips!

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    thanks for sharing this … we may have out of town guest coming for a weekend in a couple of weeks, so this is perfect! and i love the idea of the “welcome basket” … all the suggestions are great ideas and just might make your guest extend their stay!

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