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First off, I should note that cooking meat is “news” because I am a vegetarian. I was thinking I should do a more personal post and being veg is part of who I am. However, it isn’t something I usually get into, unless someone asks. I know none of you asked, but here’s my story!

I never much liked the taste or texture of meat growing up, but ate it because my parents made me. I was a really picky kid and didn’t like to eat real food very much. I was mostly obsessed with candy. Oops. Once I was in high school, I could make my own decisions and pretty much cut out red meat when I was about 14 years old. I ate chicken and fish (a.ka. Long John Silvers) for about another year and I think became totally veg around 15 years old. BUT I still ate gravy for awhile. Shh. Oddly, the only thing I miss is gravy. Weird.

Once I got a little older, the whole thought of meat grossed me out too, so that became another reason. I put up with a lot of shit in high school and college with people not getting why I was vegetarian or trying to trick me into eating meat. It’s gotten better over the years, but I generally think it should be a non-issue. I’m not concerned with what other people eat, so I think no one should be bothered by what I am (or am not) eating. Easy. I’m not out here to change opinions or preach or convert anyone. It really doesn’t interest me, do your thing! If you love steak, by all means go for it. But if I eat tofu or a veggie burger, just lemme be too. Cool cool.

Anywho. My boyfriend is a carnivore and we usually fend for ourselves for dinner (but one of my resolutions/goals is to cook more!) or I’ll make us meatless food. I’m not bothered especially by cooking meat, but I am not a big fan of the smell of it cooking. BUT I am a super awesome fantastic girlfriend, so I cooked him meat twice this week. Aren’t I nice?

On New Year’s Eve, I just made tacos, which is not super interesting or impressive, but whatevs, I’m taking credit. Ground meat is not attractive, but here’s a bit to prove I cooked!

Then, my mother insisted that you have to eat pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day, so you’ll have money all year. Hmm. I guess I’m screwed. I ate some sauerkraut and made Jarrod this lovely pork tenderloin. A little more impressive? Yes, thank you.

I marinated it for a few hours in about 1 tbsp of worchestire sauce mixed with 1 tbsp of teriyaki sauce. I browned it on each side (medium heat), turned down the heat a little and simmered it covered (turning a few times) for about 45 minutes. I heard it was delish!!

Also, sadly my arm hurt for 2 days from mashing the potatoes. That’s how I know I need to get back into working out. Lame.

Oh and I made myself (slight) hangover eggs and potatoes on New Year’s Day morning. I added some cheese (duh), sour cream and tomatoes.

Anyone want to share any easy meat recipes with me to cook for the boyfriend? He will surely thank you! Also, did you eat any “traditional” New Year’s Day foods?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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    so funny! i became vegan this summer, and even though i eat eggs again, i just cant bring myself to eat meat anymore. crazy how it goes!

    also hilarious that you were sore! :)

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    I am a longtime foodie and married to a butcher so meat is front and center at our house. The easiest thing is something I learned from my French grandmother. Get a one and a half inch thick filet mignon, pat it dry and rub it all over with a cut garlic clove. Salt and pepper both sides. Heat a skillet thoroughly, add just a drop of oil and the steak. Flip it only once. Use a good meat thermometer to gauge doneness. Add a plop of butter in the last 30 sec of cooking.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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    Kudos to you for cooking meat even though you are a veg! My hubby is a meat and potato guy, so we are always eating meat. Meatloaf is pretty easy to make. Then your boyfriend can meatloaf and you can have mashed potatoes :) Heather

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    I think it’s great that you are willing to cook meat for your boyfriend! I eat meat but I hate cooking it! So I usually get meat when I go out to eat! I don’t mind cooking salmon though. I just take salmon filets and cover the top with a mayo/parm cheese/red pepper mixture and sprinkle ritz crackers on top and bake for 20min. So easy!
    Jeans and a Teacup

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    Leave it to high school age people to fuss you over what kind of food you eat! Seriously, I think people from that period of life just have to find some reason to make your life a little miserable. Good thing we all eventually grow up, and get a little more sense. Sometimes.
    And you’re better than I am–I don’t cook anything for my husband unless I like to eat it myself!

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    Even though I know better (Lifestyle Educator by trade) I’m a carnivore… :/

    For easy, affordable meat dishes try anything by The Pioneer Woman. Simple, no fail and tasty.

    If you’re not already following her, check out Joann’s blog for vegan recipes for you. :) (She’s amazing!)

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    I have been veg for about 8.5 years, but in the last couple weeks I have taken a couple bites of fish. I am veg for the same reasons as you wrote about, plus it broke my heart to hear how animals are treated in factory farms. My hubby eats meat, but we always have made it work, I could veggie meals and he is 99% of the time OK with it, but sometimes he’d cook up a chicken breast or something to go with it. I have recently been feeling like I eat too many carbs and that my veg diet isn’t really working for me anymore, so I think I am going to try pescatarian for a minute and see if I am comfortable with that. We shall see 😉 Do your thing girl I have been hassled for being veg the entire time and it gets old, people shouldn’t be so concerned about what others eat or don’t eat.

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    I am not really a cook at all but my goal this year is to make one or two home cooked meals so I am more heathy! Tacos are a good start. I eat meat so it’s a little easier. Brussels sprouts are super easy too!

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    I tried becoming a vegetarian twice… but i love meat too muh to give it up, so I just try to buy from organic places or places I know where animals are treated as humanely as possible. As for you cooking meat despite the fact that you don’t eat it or evne like the smell… i think you should definitely get the best gf of the year award! I couldn’t do that for my bf… haha


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    Can I just say that I love your writing style?! I love bloggers who are real and aren’t afraid to be themselves on their blogs.

    I’m so not a vegetarian. I think I tried it like once – but it lasted about two days. I just love me some meat.

    And kudos on cooking meat for your bf! That pork looks really delicious!

    ♥ Duckie.

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    thanks all for your comments! agreed – we all gotta do what works for us, but appreciate all of your support! and now i feel a little guilty calling out the bf for cooking him meat haha. i was happy to do it!! :)


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