eyeball issues

When I confessed my full-on nerdiness to you all, I told you about my horrible horrendous craptastical eyesight. Yes, it’s that bad. And yes, my prescription is worse than yours (or at least there is a very very high chance that it is). And that’s in no way a brag.

Photos from this post – non-prescription glasses. You think I’m going to show you my real glasses? Hahahaha. No. I’m too vain for that.

I have been wearing gas permeable (or hard) contact lenses since the 6th grade. I’ve basically had no problem with them, but they can eventually cause people to have dry eyes. In the fall I finally went to the eye doctor again for a routine exam and new contacts. Everything was fine and dandy until I developed a cloudy/white spot on my cornea and pain in my left eye. Because I’m dumb, I ignored it for a few weeks.

I finally went back to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with “chronic dry eye.” Oh man, that sounds fancy. That was causing the spot on my eye and the pain. I had to use steroid drops in my eyes for a few days and try to wear my glasses more. You may have guessed from my aforementioned vanity, that I am not a huge fan of wearing my glasses in public. So I did my best to just limit my contact wear. So the dry spot went away. Buuuut then of course it came back last a few weeks later and I got to wear my glasses out on New Years Eve. Not hot but whatever. 

I just started using a prescription called Restasis, which are eyedrops to make your body produce more tears on its own so your eyes aren’t dry. I’ve been using them for about a week and my eyes already feel better. 

I know this isn’t a big deal at all but an obvious annoyance. And makes me feel pretty dorky and old. Alas. Anyone else having old lady style issues lady?