1. I am looking to drop 2 dress sizes for the wedding in August! Crossfit style! Definitely need this mat for stretching after those classes. As well as when I travel!!

  2. I’m also expecting (like at least one other already commented.) I love blogilates, and this will really help me get back in shape after bug comes!!

  3. I have been running three miles, three times a week for about a year. It’s tough for me, but I want to do a little better. So I have been running four miles on Wednesdays instead of just the three miles. It’s only an extra mile a week but it makes a difference and it’s a good way to increase my stamina!

  4. I want to be healthy before and after I get pregnant. I am hoping to start a family soon and want to get into shape before I make it harder on myself to do.

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