where did my youth go?

If you follow me on Twitter (where, honestly I don’t post all that much – oops), you saw this recently –


That tweet was 100% truth. Like, seriously. I used to have maybe 5 or 6 gray hairs. Since my hair is naturally really dark, the gray hairs (which are actually wiry and bright white) really show up. But having a few wasn’t a huge deal. Well they have spread to the point where I now get my roots dyed regularly. But those white hairs keep on coming back and showing up so nicely against my dark brown roots. Everyday, I really do redo my part probably a dozen times trying to figure out the way to do it with the least white hairs showing.

I’ll be 33 this year. I’m totally ok with that but it’s a weird kinda transition age. Sometimes I feel old and other times I still feel young. It’s confusing…

Old – When some teenage boys yelled at me out of their truck and I stopped myself from flicking them off because.

Young - When I got carded at the bar and my husband didn’t. Mwuahaha. We’re the same age.

Old – Going to the chiropractor because my shoulder hurts.

Young – Not feeling like a creeper wearing spandex pants to the gym.

Old – When I realize that people born in the year 2000 will be able to drive next year.

Young – When I know what phrases like “on fleek” me. (I mean, I think I know what it means…)

Old – Renewing my life insurance policy.

Young – Getting gaudy manicures.

Old – My fave weekend activity is furniture shopping.

Young – Wearing pretty purple pinky lipstick.

Old – Falling asleep at 9 pm on Friday night. And waking up at 7 am on Saturday morning.

Young - When I have to explain what Amazon.com is to my dad.

Those are just a few things that make me feel both young and old. So it can basically change by the minute. Unless I’m looking at those white hairs. Those bastards make me feel real old. When do you feel young/old?

pug butts

We’re soooo happy to finally have a king sized bed, as I mentioned last week. You would think – a king bed is bigger, so you have more room. That’s what I was thinking too. But somehow, I have less space and even less covers. How is this possible you ask? 2 words.

Pug butts.

I go to bed each night with a reasonable amount of room. Sometimes the pugs stay in the living room with Jarrod since he goes to bed later than me. Sometimes Bowie comes to bed with me earlier though. If he does that, he usually spreads out on the other side, like thus –

pug bed

However, sometime in the middle of the night, things take a turn. Bowie lays alllll the way up against my back, on top of the covers. So if I’m sleeping on my side, on the edge of the bed, I can’t roll back over because he’s in my way. He is also on top of the covers so I haven’t nearly no covers on me. Rosie is usually sleeping sideways between me and Jarrod. She usually doesn’t move all night.

But then towards the morning, Bowie wants under the covers. Instead of burrowing himself under the covers, he stands by my head and breathes heavily on my fave until I wake up. Then I lift the covers for him and he sticks his head under but he can’t get anywhere because Rosie’s laying on top of the covers. So he usually stands there breathing angrily on my legs with his butthole in my face.

Sometimes, I roll all the way off the bed, so he has a little tunnel to get under the covers. Then I have no room for my legs but at least there isn’t a dog butt in my face anymore.

If I have survived all of this drama, then I get a nice wake up call on the weekends. Bowie sneezes on my face and Rosie usually lays across my chest or puts her butt on my pillow.

And that is why I’m tired every morning.

Are you woken up by dog butts every night and morning too?

moving forward

Me and Bowie

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for your life to start? I’m 32 and I still feel that way. Not in all aspects of my life, but definitely in some ways. Sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back, but I just have to remember that I’m still moving forward.

Lately my career has been on my mind. I’m in that in between time where I know I’m still younger professionally but want to be making steps to move forward in my career. I’ve been at my current job since the summer. It’s in an industry that I had really been wanting to get into. So even though it was sorta a step down in title, I felt that it was putting me on the right track. Until things in the industry slowed down a few months ago. Ugh. So my whole plan of moving forward is delayed. Could be a couple months or could be years.

For the past few years I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting for my career to start. After college, I worked for 3 years before going to law school. Then I was sure that law school would be a great way to have a stable career, then it took me a year to find a job, then for 3 years I was in a job I didn’t love. When I got my current job, I finally felt like I was started on my path and now things are stalled again. It’s not the end of the world but it’s just disheartening and frustrating.

On a more positive note though, until we moved into this house, I felt like I was always waiting to do things until our “next house.” Things like funky paint colors, getting a king sized bed, having my dream bathroom, finally finding a place for all my clothes, etc. And now we’re in our (hopefully) forever home and I’m sooooo excited to get started. We obviously can’t do everything at once but it feels good to know that we can start slowly start making this our home. We did finally get a king bed and are just waiting on the headboard, so that’s a start!

So I’ve got both sides of the coin going on here – still feeling a little stuck in my career, but also having a new beginning in our home. Feeling like you’re “waiting” for something to start is so frustrating, especially since I’m super impatient. So I have to remind myself that things are still happening, even if it’s not on my timeline.

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for your life to begin? Is this topic too heavy for a Friday? Don’t dwell on serious topics too much and go have a great weekend!

why blogging is the best

why blogging is the best - jadeoak.com

If you’re a blogger, you know it’s great. If you’re not a blogger, well you’re here reading this so you must like blogs! I was a little nervous/hesitant to start blogging but I am soooooo glad I did. Here are just a few reasons why I think blogging is the best.


You can blog a million times a day, you can blog once a month, you can do updates on just social media, etc. It’s up to you, so the only “rules” are those you impose on yourself. It’s a nice break from the typical 9-5.

New friends

The internet can be full of trolls and mean girls, so this is one reason I was nervous to start blogging. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that (pretty much) everyone is awesome! Other bloggers are so supportive and blog readers are so sweet and encouraging. It’s a total love fest and I love it.


Going with the above, blog land is a pretty positive place. People tend to blog about the best parts of their lives. Yeah, that can sometimes be a little intimidating, making you wonder “why isn’t my life that perfect?” Buuuuut if you get past the whole comparing yourself thing, it’s great to see positive stories and ideas out there. It encourages me to live a more positive life, so then I also have positive things to blog about.


Though bloggers are usually pretty positive, there is lots of honesty and realness out there too. Reading about people’s struggles helps to remind you that you’re not alone. Though we put out the best versions of ourselves, we’re all real people with real problems. It’s nice to know you aren’t the only one struggling with something.

Great ideas

Bloggers and Pinterest are like an internet marriage made in heaven. I find the best ideas through other blogs (sometimes finding those ideas through Pinterest) and it’s super inspiring. We can all get a little complacent, so seeing creativity exploding all over the internet helps to push me and my creativity. Plus yum to all the food porn everywheres.

Creative outlet

My day job is as an attorney looking at lots of legal documents and boring type stuff. I like my job, but it’s very corporate. So it’s sooooo nice having a creative outlet. Blogging inspired me to work on decorating our last house, get a DSLR to push my photography skills, play around with graphics (basically just on Picmonkey, but still!), try new recipes, do diy’s, etc. Plus this is all done while writing in my own voice. Good stuff.

New opportunities

Lastly, blogging has opened me up to some great opportunities. I’ve partnered with great brands and been lucky enough to make some cash from those collaborations and find new great products. I’ve also started doing some social media promotion for brands on the side, which I love. It’s another great creative break from my day job.

So those are just some of the reasons why blogging is the best. Do you agree / what would you add to this list?