the wedding registry groove (& target giveaway!)

Did you know I’m getting married soon? (Aka next weekend!) I swore that I wouldn’t turn into crazy-I-only-blog-about-my-wedding-blogger (not that I’m against that at ALL), but here we are again. Wedding planning/prep has taken over my lives, people! So I’m bringing you along for the ride. You’re welcome. So obviously wedding planning is stressful but one of the most fun things for me was my bridal shower and registering for gifts. My bridesmaids, mom and future mom-in-law took the reins and threw me a great party and I got great gifts. So if you’re prepping your wedding registry, here are some ideas to get into the groove, from me and Target. (Who doesn’t love Target, amiright?)

Target Wedding’s theme is “Get Into Our Groove” and I love that. Target wants couples to work together to design their home and life through their registry. To me, September always feels like a time of “renewal” (I guess I still think of time as in school years), so now is a great time to get into your groove with new routines and habits. Target has a huge selection of both traditional and non-traditional items to help you design your life and home to get ready for the unique new experiences you’ll be creating together. Target is a great place to register in order to create the life you want to live – both as a couple and individually.

target wedding -

One of my fave items available on the Target Wedding registry is the Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum. I actually got this vacuum for Christmas and I am in love with it. Pugs shed like no other so this vacuum is a lifesaver. If you’re a pet owner too, this would be a great item to register for. It picks up way more of the dog hair than our old vacuum did and it’s easy to carry and clean. We have been working on personalizing our home and it’s a combo of adding our personal touch but keeping things tidy since we have pets. I use the Dyson to keep my floors clean and a steam cleaner, like the Bissell Spotclean, is great to clean up any little, ahem, accidents.  Thanks, pugs.

Once the house is clean, I love adding in cute accessories that are still pet friendly. Stylish bins, like these Threshold Storage Bins, are great for hiding extra blankets and doggie toys. And I hope to get a few cute poufs, like this one, to add extra seating in our space. Plus the poufs are pug friendly since they’re so much easier to clean than regular upholstered furniture. I love getting items that are both stylish and functional!

Target registry is a great tool for organizing the way that you want to live – both individually and as part of a couple! I love that I can get both cleaning/home care items and cute home decor items all in one place. One of those poufs will soon be mine. To inevitably be taken over by a pug, but still… it will technically be mine. Anyways, check out Target Wedding for your registry needs and enter via the Rafflecopter below to win $25 – sweet!

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

don’t judge me, but…


I’m afraid to open champagne bottles.

I check behind the shower curtain when I go in the bathroom.

I don’t know how to make an omelette.

I’ve never had anything waxed and I’m never gonna.

I’m not changing my last name when I get married.

I don’t understand sports. At all.

I let Jarrod do all of the laundry.

My dad still does all of the work on my car and I’ve never been to a mechanic.

I hate running and refuse to do it. Unless, I guess, I’m in some situation where running is required in a life or death way.

I’m a vegetarian and I hate mushrooms.

I still haven’t watched Breaking Bad. (No worries, it’s on my list!)

I pick at scabs until I have unsightly scars. (Worst habit ever and actually you should judge me because I need to stop!)

I wear a nightguard when I sleep.

I swear at other drivers a lot and my fave phrase is to call people “f*ckface.” Oops, not very ladylike.

I have a tramp stamp. (My only tattoo.)

I immediately put my hair in a ponytail, change into sweatpants and take my contacts out/put my glasses on the second I get home from work.

I own Crocs.

I love going to the dentist.

I’m not that into pumpkin spice lattes.

There we go – a bunch of my dirty little secrets. Do you guys hate me now? What would be on your list?

packing for a quick weekend trip

packing for a quick weekend trip -

I don’t travel as much as I used to, but we recently did a quick day trip to Ohio. This reminded me of youth (argh) when I used to travel a loooot more and made me wonder “how did I do that?” I often did things on a whim but now I’m a little more purposeful with my planning (aka, Type A personality), so I’m working on doing things in a more organized way. So it’s time for me to share my tips for packing for a quick weekend trip (in an organized way!)

Keep a bag of travel toiletries handy

I used to keep my travel toiletries in our hall closet and then I’d run around looking for everything I needed everytime I’d be packing an overnight bag. Dumb. Now I keep all of my essentials IN the bag I’m going to be using. I have a mini toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, face lotion, contact solution, a contact case, face wash wipes (which double as a makeup remover), cotton balls and q-tips. So then I just need to add my glasses and my toothbrush and I’m ready to go! I also sometimes include a random deoderant sample and perfume sample. But then if I want to add the good stuff, it’s easy to just throw them in the bag. (Oh and you can keep all of these in a 1 quart clear bag if you want to have everything ready to go for a carry-on for a plane.)


These take up a ton of space ugh. So I will sometimes double check that the hotel has a blowdryer in the room (they usually do). If I’m not sure, I have a small travel blowdryer that isn’t great but it does the job. If you use a curling iron or straightener, don’t forget those. I don’t need them if I’m going away for just a day or two.

Check with your travel companions

If you’re going with your significant other or girlfriends, you can consolidate some items. I usually just bring the toiletries for Jarrod and me. On previous trips, my friends and I just had one person bring things like a blowdryer or a large sunscreen. If you each just bring a few of the bigger items, you’ll all save space and money with your packing.


These are another thing that take up a ton of space in your bag. If space isn’t an issue, bring all the shoes you want. But if space is an issue, really think about what shoes you need. Wear a pair of shoes you can wear again over the weekend. If you’re going to do a lot of walking, wearing Toms, comfy ballet flats, sneakers or comfy sandals are a good idea. Then you might be able to re-wear some of the shoes. Think about what you’ll be doing before throwing all your shoes in willy-nilly.


Likewise, think of what activities you’ll be doing to help you figure out what clothes to bring. I tend to bring contingency-plan clothes in case I change my mind but that can take up a lot space. Check the weather to make sure if you need to bring clothes for different weather. I hate when I go on a trip and didn’t bring an umbrella and an extra sweater. Bring a few versatile accessories as well – you can take a daytime outfit into night by adding some cute jewelry. Also pretty scarves are a fun way to change up an outfit without taking too much space in your bag.


Whether you’re driving or flying (or training, bussing or boating?) to your weekend away, some good tunes are essential! Make a mix on your iPod/iPhone to listen to on the journey. And then it’s great to have music for the hotel room too. Some updated hotels have a dock for your iPod or you can bring little portable speakers.

Emergency kit

You should have a normal car emergency kit, if you’re driving, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I mean things like a nail file, bandaids, advil, etc. You can keep these items in a cute little zip pouch in your purse at all times in fact. I have one in my purse and it definitely comes in handy.


Don’t forget your phone charger! Or chargers for other things like your kindle or iPad.

Any other tips for packing for a quick weekend trip? Also anyone have some fun weekend trips coming up soon??

good news / bad news friday

bar setup -

Let’s start with the good news! I’m excited that I received a small promotion at my job this week – woohoo. It was something that I was working towards and hoping to achieve before I take time off for the wedding/honeymoon. So I was happy that I got there a few weeks early. Yay! So that was some great news to get duh. Especially before wedding.

The bad news is – remember how I was sick over the weekend? Well I’m still sick kinda ugh. I had a fever of 101 on Tuesday and Wednesday (and probably Monday too), but my doctor couldn’t figure out exactly why. She figured I likely had some sort of infection but couldn’t see anything specific. And I worked all through it like an idiot (but I guess that worked out since I got that good news). Plus Jarrod was gone for a few days for work so I was a sick single working pug mom. Hawt.

(PS – Above photo of our bar area updated with pretty new decanters and some of the glassware I got for my bridal shower. I will be having a celebratory drinky once I’m healthy!)

Good news – being sick and alone gave me lots of time to lay around and watch my dvr and random movies.

Bad news – I sat on my butt for an entire week being a bum and getting nothing productive or wedding-related done (besides making a few phone calls and doing my makeup trial on Sunday, before the fever set in fyi).

Good news – My sweat pants got a lot of wear.

Bad news – With all that laying around, I should’ve done some bloggy things and I did not.

Good news – The pugs got to sleep all over me all day.

Bad news – The pugs were not as sleepy as usual at night (due to all the day sleeping) and woke me up a million times at night.

Good news – My wedding diet was involuntarily increased, since I could barely stomach any food.

Bad news – I am now probably malnourished from eating mainly soup, gatorade and plain white rice for nearly a week.

Good news – I got to do lots of online shopping and Zillow stalking in my weakened state.

Bad news – I did lots of online shopping – bye-bye money!

Good news – In my fever-brain, I luckily DID not buy a house after Zillow stalking.

Bad news – I want my dream home now. Duh.

Good news – It’s Friday. And hopefully this weekend begins my re-entry into being healthy.

So my week was relatively uneventful (minus the main events of illness and promotion). How was your week? And plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to catch up on all the things I did NOT get done this week. Including picking up my wedding dress – weeeeee!