easy pet clean up

Here’s something you might not know – pugs shed a TON. We’ve had Bowie for 4 years and Rosie for 2 years. In that time, I think they have literally shed a ton. We are constantly cleaning up after them and know better than to wear black clothes around them since they show all the hair. But we are obsessed with our dogs, so the constant clean up just comes with the territory. Luckily I have some amazing cleaning products to make the work fast and easy!

On the weekends, I like to break out my cleaning products and the pugs love to follow me around while cleaning. It’s hilarious that Rosie is unaffected by me Swiffering or vacuuming around her. She won’t move at all and will even let me vacuum her with the attachment. But Bowie is a little scaredy cat and does that dog thing of running up to things he’s afraid of, barking at it and then running away at full speed. Over and over. Hilarious and totally unhelpful, right?

I love Swiffer products because they are suuuuper convenient and they help me get rid of that pug hair that seems to find itself in every nook and cranny of our house. I love using the Swiffer Dusters to get the pug hair (and dust) off of our surfaces and shelves. We have hardwood floors in our bedrooms, with laminate in our dining room and kitchen. The Swiffer Sweeper is perfect for getting the pug hair off of the floor before I use my Swiffer Wetjet. I have been a Swiffer lover for awhile now (can you tell?) so I was excited to receive a Big Green Box for my review AND get to gift a friend with a Big Green Box too!

Y’all know that I’m a pug/dog lover but most of my friends are cat ladies. One of my best friends added a kitty to her family this past week. So it was a perfect time for me to gift her a Big Green Box when I went to meet her new kitten, Barbara (or Babs, for sure). Christie loved checking out the Box and so did Babs!

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Swiffer products are perfect for anyone and especially great for fellow pet owners. Plus I love that Swiffer has now partnered with ASPCA in a year-long effort to help find homes for animals in need while also making the challenges of cleaning up after a pet less of a concern. Swiffer will be donating Big Green Boxes to more than 100 shelters nationwide.

As a big supporter of animal rescue, I love this mission! And here’s some more info on using Swiffer to clean up after your pet babies –




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wedding wednesday – ceremony

Wednesday starts with “w” and so does wedding! So we’re going to continue with the wedding themed posts, duh. Today is time for the ceremony. I originally wanted to get married at the venue where we had our reception but the timing didn’t work out. So we opted for a church wedding and it turned out very pretty. We kept the decorations simple and the sanctuary had been recently renovated so it looked very classic. Now onto the photos!

JJ_120_054 DSC_7066_352 JJ_126_790 JJ_145_228 JJ_150_354 JJ_161_414

JJ_163_576DSC_7261_732 JJ_169_490 JJ_171_644 JJ_71_922The ceremony went off without a hitch but I have to admit it’s a bit of a blur. I wasn’t really paying attention to what everyone was saying oops but we made it. And I’m shocked neither of us cried! I felt nervous but happy and was just glad to get married in front of our loved ones!

Oh and some of you asked about things like my earrings in my last post, so here’s the info on what I/we are wearing:

Dress: Maggie Soterro (via Bridal Beginning in Pittsburgh) (Also, I had the extra tulle at the bottom removed so it didn’t poof out as much as it does in the photo)
Earrings: J. Crew (sold out but there is the link in case they come back in stock)
Bracelet: J. Crew (don’t see it on the website but here’s a similar one)
Shoes: Modcloth (I replaced the laces)
Purse: Vintage (shown in the getting ready photos)
Jarrod’s suit and bridesmaid dresses: Also J. Crew – sense a theme?

I’m probably forgetting things so let me know if you have questions! Also check out my last Wedding Wednesday post on getting ready photos!

meet me (again)

So I’ve noticed some new followers lately. Which is great. BUT I’ve also been blog slacking. Which is crappy. So I figured this would be a great time to introduce myself to new readers and re-introduce myself to my faithful readers. So here we go – time to meet me (again or for the first time)!


I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years and it’s a great creative outlet as a break from my day job as a lawyer. I have been working as a lawyer for over 4 years. I previously did litigation which I felt “eh” about on good days and “punch me in the face!” on bad days. Since this summer I have been working in energy and it’s more office-based (rather than courtroom-based) and I love it. I am one thousand times happier (literally – I measured it) so yay!

When I’m not lawyering, I am a new wife (to Jarrod) and a crazy dog mom to the world’s cutest 2 pugs (Bowie and Rosie). The pugs get a lot of blog attention and sometimes they even take over the blog. Oh and when I said I’m a new wife, I’m not kidding – I just got married one month ago (yesterday was our one month anniversary and I told Jarrod the classic gift for one month is a one-eyed senior Pekingese I saw on PetFinder but he didn’t believe me). I will be dragging out a million wedding updates each Wednesday until I’ve run out of photos or fully bored you all. So come back for that, ya know, if wedding gushing is your thing. Even if it’s not.


One of my fave hobbies is ballet. I started taking adult ballet classes when I was 24 and I even wear pretty pointe shoes now. I haven’t done a ballet post in awhile, but I’m a big advocate of dance as exercise – it’s a great way to get in some fun exercise. Plus, I’m proof that you’re never too old to try out a new activity you always wanted to do! Lately I have been trying my hand at photography but that is definitely a hobby I’m still learning. It’s tough but it’s great because I love documenting my life and am now taking slightly less crappy photos. Win/win.

I’m also sorta/not really trying to be a better cook. My mom is an amaaaazing cook and I’m waiting for my dormant chef gene to kick in. Still waiting. I’ve stalked my mom’s Korean food and American food skills and sloooowly learning. I think. I used to post easy recipes (which I renamed “Recipeasies”) but I’ve totes slacked on that. I promise to get back into it.


I also love stalking Pinterest and Zillow for houses and home decorating ideas. Our house is over 70 years old and we have slowly done a few updates. I didn’t do as much to it as my original lofty goals but I’ve done a few projects and have loved the process. I would love to continue to do home projects and share them with you guys. My fave project so far is my red credenza re-do. I need to find time to do more furniture update/decorating projects.


And here are just a few other random things about me, just for good measure: I love Hello Kitty. I’m obsessed with Haribo gummi bears. I lived in London for a year after college. I hate roller coasters. I love math. I’m afraid of worms. I am a coffee addict. I have been a vegetarian for over half my life. One time I was in the same room as Jack White from The White Stripes and I got really nervous and sweaty even though I didn’t talk to him. That’s a good note to end on, yes? Hope you enjoyed learning more about me and leave a comment if you’re a new reader! I’m way way behind on my blog reading but I’m working on catching up!

A variety of blinds can enhance your home’s look and your living environment

This post was not written by Jade and Oak

A Variety of Blinds Can Enhance Your Home’s Look and Your Living Environment


Sunlight certainly has its benefits, but as with anything else, too much of a good thing can be a negative. You have probably had the experience of trying to watch television but having an annoying sun glare on your television screen. High-quality blinds and shades offer the benefit of allowing you to control the flow of sunlight into your home, but they do more than that. They add a unique decorative touch to your room, thus making your room stand out during neighborhood barbecues and parties and family holiday get-togethers.


A wide variety of blinds and shades are available for your home, depending on your specific needs. Light-filtering shades offer stellar insulation and privacy, and you can even choose the motorized version for further convenience. The benefits of these types of window treatments is that they come in a wide range of outstanding colors and thus effortlessly draw visitors’ eyes, essentially becoming your room’s focal point. At the same time, the attractive treatments look white to those on the outside, thus providing for an exterior look that is uniform and classy.

Cellular shades have also grown in popularity for multiple reasons. These room-darkening treatments are ideal for media rooms or day sleepers. They also offer excellent insulation, thus lowering your home’s energy bills throughout the year. It is wise to look for those made from durable polyester, as this type of material resists stains and will not fray. As a result, your shades will last for years. The shades also stack compactly and thus provide an unblocked view when you raise them.


Another popular type of window treatment is the cordless shade. These types of shades are kid-friendly and pet-safe, and they make it easier than ever before to raise and lower the window treatment. The treatment looks clean and uncluttered since it does not feature a lift cord, and your treatment will easily remain secure in all positions. This type of treatment is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and even media rooms that require both privacy and light control.


Larger windows may benefit from shades that come with a continuous cord loop. The cord loop has a sturdy clutch to accommodate excess fabric. You simply pull on the cord, which seamlessly raises and lowers your window treatment. This type of hardware is available for blackout cellular shades.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Day/Night Features

Both corded and cordless window treatments have a top-down/bottom-up feature that lets you retain privacy below and still allows you to let sunshine into your home from above, thus controlling incoming light. A particular version of this shade is designed for windows that are smaller in size so as to eliminate the bottom and top rails for a sleek look.

If you are looking for a highly versatile shade, you may be interested in the day/night option. These shades are growing in demand because they can make your room totally dark while still allowing light to enter your room when you need a brighter environment. This is possible with day/night shades because of a unique design that allows you to adjust two different fabrics on a single shade. You simply lower the shade on top for light and lower your bottom one to achieve a room-darkening effect. Day/night shades are also simple to clean.

Blinds and shades are handy window treatments because they are relatively cost-effective yet can be alluring and customized to fit your home’s décor and personal taste. With assistance from the right company, you can choose a treatment that best suits your light-related needs and your home’s style – a treatment that will keep you satisfied and wow guests for years to come.