wedding wednesday – getting ready

Happy Wednesday! I’m going to drag out my wedding photos week by week for you guys. Yeah, I’m milking it but I’m allowed. Mwuahaha. Today, we’ll start with some of the getting ready photos. Oh and I should mention too that my photography, Mandy Fierens, was super amazing! She did our engagement photos too (here and here) and we just love her. Working with a photographer that you love makes things so much better of course.

wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - wedding - jadeoak.comAs you can see, it’s mostly pretty photos of girly getting ready things. Of course including my amazing manicure, where you can also see that I’m wearing my grandmother’s wedding band, which was my “something old.” (My something new was I guess the dress? My something blue were my shoelaces which you will see in another post! And I forgot something borrowed, so I “borrowed” my sister’s perfume. Oops.) Oh and there is only one photo of the dudes “getting ready.” They had to go to the church a few hours before we did (because the shuttle had to have time to come back to the hotel to take the girls), so this is just one of the goofy poses from their photos. Isn’t it nice guys get to just goof off while us ladies have to beautify ourselves.

Speaking of, I’m so lucky to have a dream team that helped me get ready. My hairdresser of the past 8-ish years came to the hotel to do my hair and it turned out perfectly. And one of my good friends is an amazing makeup artist (she is one of the makeup artists from and she did amazing makeup for me and my bridesmaids. (Oh and side note – my photographer is actually a model for too – everything is connected!) I’m so lucky to know so many talented people!

Check back for the next 7 million Wednesdays to see more wedding details!

guestroom bed makeover (& bedding giveaway!)

novogratz bedroom makeover -

I haven’t done a home update post in awhile. Honestly, I’ve been so busy that we haven’t done an home updates at all in a long time. So changing things up a bit was long overdue. It was perfect timing when I heard that Bob and Cortney Novogratz came out with a fun new bedding line. It is a new super affordable line available online at I loved the HGTV show, Home by Novogratz, and love Bob and Cortney’s fun and bright style, so I was excited to do a bedding makeover and review.

novogratz bedroom makeover - novogratz bedroom makeover -

I love the new bedding and I feel like it makes the room so much lighter and brighter. The colors are so fun and pretty and I think the new bedding will be so inviting to guests. It’s a little bright and crazy but I’m not one to shy away from bright fun colors. And I love having a bunch of pretty new fluffy pillows. The bed is even more comfy and inviting now!

And here’s a quick reminder of how the bed looked before. I like the old duvet but the new look is so much fresher.

guest room -

Oh and the new bedding is pug approved. Usually Bowie is my model for posts but Jarrod and I convinced little Rosie to help this time. And I know she looks super bored but I promise that is just what she looks like. This is the pug equivalent of her being ecstatic. She loves the cushy new bed and I’m sure she can’t wait to nap all over it.

novogratz bedroom makeover -

novogratz bedroom makeover - jadeoak.comI’m so pleased with this makeover and love the new bedding form The Novogratz collection.  It’s fun and pretty and love that it’s super affordable too. If you’re looking for cool new bedding, check out the collection. Also enter below to win a full bedding setting from The Novogratz collection – winner gets to pick their size/pattern (open to US residents only). Good luck!

Anyone else been doing some decorating/home updates lately?

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i don’t understand the cloud

hawaii -

About a week after our honeymoon, I got a new iPhone 6. I was due for an upgrade and my old phone was doing this fun thing where it would say it had 30% battery life left and then it would just shut off like a jerk. So getting a new phone was great. And I thought that I had backed up all of my photos. You can see where this is going.

After being in love with my pretty new phone (I got the gold, obviously), I realized that I actually hadn’t saved about the last 50 or so pictures I took. Which were all from our honeymoon. UGH. It wasn’t a huge deal since I mainly took photos with Jarrod’s phone and my DSLR, but it was still upsetting. Most of the lost photos were pretty much the same old photos of the pool/beach from my lounge chair and/or selfies. So many selfies. I was a little sad but it wasn’t the end of the world and I let it go.

Over the weekend, I finally downloaded iCloud to my computer. To be honest, I still don’t understand what the “cloud” is and that makes me feel super old and lame. Lo and behold, all of my photos were in the cloud! I was immediately happy and relieved. But then also seriously a little creeped out. These were photos that I hadn’t saved to my computer and that were on my old iPhone, which I saw the woman at the Sprint store reformat/delete. And the photos were back. Like zombie-back-from-the-dead back. How? And there were photos in there that I had actually deleted. How? No wonder celebrity hoo-hahs and wienies are all over the internet. The cloud is a total creeper. It’s so convenient and it was awesome that my photos were rescued but also just crazy that once something exists, it’s in the cloud and never really gone. Technology is cray.

Anyone want to explain the cloud to me or have you had any similar experiences? How can we keep our private stuff private? Anyone else creeped out by the cloud or am I just a dumb dumb?

you do you. seriously.

you do you -

You do you. You love wearing Uggs year-round? You do you. You’re into eating McDonald’s for every meal? You do you. Your shoes were $1,200 (or $12)? Either way, you do you. Basically – girl, you do whatever makes you happy.

This post is partially inspired by my recent overuse of “you do you” (duh) and also this post from Jordyn at Fairy Princess Diaries about the word “basic.” I’m not as hip as I used to be (proven by the fact that I used the word “hip”) so I didn’t know about this term for awhile but I’ve been hearing it more and more lately. For those not in the know, go check the definitions at Urban Dictionary because they explain it better than I can. Essentially, it’s a derogatory turn saying that you’re “basic” for liking popular or obvious things, but can be used in a poking fun type way too.

My response to this is you do you (also defined by Urban Dictionary). There are definitely things I personal do or don’t like, but why should my opinion matter to someone else (and likewise, why should their opinion matter to what I’m doing)? As long as you’re not being hurtful or offensive to others or whatever, you should be able to do what makes you happy without any embarrassment. Like my post, Don’t Judge Me, But…, I shared some maybe embarrassing things about myself but as I’ve gotten older, I just don’t care anymore. I like tween novels, I wore belly shirts on my honeymoon (and I’m 32), played show tunes during our wedding cocktail hour and am obsessed with fun designs on my nails. I was nervous to post the above photo to instagram because I’m not usually one to post bikini photos, but why not? Jarrod was slightly judging my beach read (the first True Blood book) but I was loving it and I loved my bikini, so why not.

These are all things I love and I might’ve said before that they were guilty pleasures, but nope, not anymore. I’m doing me, you do you.

What are some things that you do  that you could add to this post/list?