party like it’s the end of prohibition

Two weeks ago was the anniversary of the end of prohibition. Jarrod works for a beer company and we were invited to a prohibition themed party sponsored by Labatt. They have a new prohibition series of bevvies that they wanted to promote. I hate going out and haven’t been to a club in a looooong time so I was a little skeptical about going. But we got dressed up and headed to the party. And I was super impressed with the themeing and the fact that people really got into getting dressed up too.

The venue had some gorgeous chandeliers and cool posters digitally displayed.

prohibition - prohibition - prohibition -

As you can see, there were also fancy girls dancing in a box. Yep. They also had aeralists and someone in a ring thing pouring drinks in people’s mouths. In a classy way, I swear. prohibition - jadeoak.comprohibition - jadeoak.comThe whole setup was pretty awesome. I’m not a fan of going out but it was a good crowd and it wasn’t too crazy. All the drinks were Labatt products and they even had some cocktails made with liquor and a new apple cider type beer. It was delish and I had several. Or several severals. It was fun to get dressed up and here are a few photos of us. Guys have it so easy for these kind of parties since they can just throw on a hat, suspenders and/or vest. Oh and there was a fun photo booth too. We were going for a smug Bonnie and Clyde type pose. Not sure if we pulled that off, but A for effort?

prohibition2 prohibition7

And since I was tipsy, I forced the pugs into taking selfies with me when I got home. They love me so much. Look how annoyed they both look. “Moooooom you’re embarrassing us. And yourself. Go to bed.”

prohibition pugs

So that was our big night out a few weeks ago. As I said, we aren’t going out type people, but it’s fun every now and then. And this was a fun themed party and I actually loved dressing up for the theme. I already had this dress and had worn it to a wedding a few weeks prior. It wasn’t super prohibition-y but I felt like the fringe and the loose silhouette made it work out without being too costumey. And I added my fun fringe necklace and threw on my faux fur wrap/scarf. Easy peasy.

Are you a fan of themed parties? Going to any themed or holiday parties lately? What’s your fave kind of party? What are you weekend plans? I was sick earlier this week, so I’m hoping to get some relaxing in this weekend. But we’re also going to the Steelers game so that might de-relax me. Fun either way! Everyone have a nice weekend!

why i had a wedding

wedding -

One of my most popular posts is the one where I declared why I don’t want to have a wedding. Pretty ironic since I just had my wedding. Awkward… So today I’m going to respond to that post and let you all know why I changed my mind and my general post-wedding thoughts.

So I didn’t want to have a big wedding for several reasons. The first was the fact that I have a small family and didn’t feel a lot of pressure to have a wedding “for” the family. Obviously I didn’t suddenly get more wedding by the time of my wedding, but it was nice to see how happy the wedding made my parents. My sister didn’t have a big wedding so I think they were excited we had a traditional wedding in a church. I’m close with my parents and it was so nice to have my father walk me down the aisle and work on planning details with my mom (who turned into a slight bride’s-mom-zilla). Plus my new family of Jarrod’s family had a great time too. It was nice to have everyone in one place all partying it up together.

The next reason I had was that I’m a little older and have different priorities. We have an older house that needs work, we have bills, we have hobbies that take up time, etc. So I wasn’t looking forward to the stress of wedding planning and worrying about all the little details. Though there were some annoying aspects of wedding planning, things went relatively smoothly. I think the planning part is what you make of it. If you want to stress about every little detail like the napkins are white instead of off white or that the dj mispronounced your bridemaid’s name or whatever, then it will be a stressful process. I tried (and hope I succeeded) in trying to stay relatively chill. My goal was to prioritize and not freak out about the rest. I was pretty chill about how the ceremony went, but for the reception, my priorities were my dress, the food, the photos and the music. So I didn’t fret about the other details. Just know that something is going to go wrong (or many things), but at the end of the day you’re married and that’s what is important.

My next concern was money. I couldn’t not think about all the other things we could be spending the money on rather than the wedding. But if we were doing the wrong wedding thing, I wanted it to be nice, so that was a fun compromise. As I noted in my Save vs Splurge wedding post, we worked to keep our wedding budget balanced. Some things were pricier, but we were able to save big on a few key things. So it worked out and we stayed on budget.

So my general wedding having thoughts? I had the best time on our wedding day. Everything turned out perfectly (and the the things that weren’t perfect? Eh,who cares) and we loved it all. There were definitely some hiccups along the way but I still think I would do it again. We have priceless memories with our family and closest friends. Doing traditional things like the first dance and the bridal polka (oh yes) were amazing. Jarrod taking shots with my dad. My mom and her Korean friends dancing to rap music. Wonderful speeches from Jarrod’s best friend and my sister. Photos with our puggies. Feeling like a princess with my prince. It was a lot of work, money, tears, unreturned phone calls, addressing envelopes, etc, but I would say it was worth it. And now I’m married to my wonderful man and we will always have those memories. I don’t think traditional weddings are for everyone, but I’m happy that we did it. Marriage!!

gift guide – ladies

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing my last gift guide (since Christmas is next week) and today is all about our ladies. Friends, co-workers, relatives, etc. It’s fun buying for other ladies, but I have the fight the urge to keep the pretty things all for myself. Here are some fun ideas with all different price points.

gift guide - ladies -

Baublebar Necklace – I want this necklace for myself. But I have too much stuff already. So buy it for one of your fave ladies!

Ciate Daily – This is another fun cosmetic set. I just got some Ciate polishes and am excited to try them out. This set is a great combo of classic colors.

Portable Charger – We all need to charge our phones and this is a great way to do it on the go.

Gold Lace iPhone 6 Case – This is pretty and would be perfect for a friend who needs a case for her new iPhone 6. Gold!

Hello Kitty Mug – I love Hello Kitty and this would be a perfect gift for the Hello Kitty lover in your life.

Pillow - Every girl needs this.

Orange is the New Black Season 1  – I loooove this show and I know many other ladies who do too. If your friend is living under a rock and hasn’t seen it yet, this is a perfect gift. Or she already loves the show and this is still the perfect gift. Win/win.

Icebreaker Emergency Kit – This is the perfect little kit for life’s little snags and includes things like nail polish remover wipes, dental floss, clear nail polish, a meding kit and extra earring backs.

Gummi Bears – These are my fave gummi bears and these ones are Christmas edition!

Trinket Box Candle – First it’s a candle and then once it’s melted, it’s a pretty trinket box.

Rebecca Minkoff Pouch – I love this bright colored pouch and would be perfect in your handbag for holding little accessories and things like lip gloss.

Josie Maran Winter Dreams Argan Color Collection – I love Josie Maran products and this would be a great skin care set for one of your ladies.

T-Shirt – Dude. This is a t shirt with the locations in Pride and Prejudice. This is the most amazing thing ever.

So are you still doing your Christmas shopping? What’s your fave thing to get for the ladies in your life? How was your weekend? I did some errands and worked on de-cluttering (the constant struggle). Oh and we finally caught up on Homeland. So good!

gift guide – mom

Happy Friday! Christmas is less than 2 weeks away but there is still time to work on your shopping! So today I have another gift guide for you guys. On Monday, I shared gift ideas for the dudes in your life and today is all about moms. My mom can be really tough to buy. She loves doing things for other people and is much more of a giver than a gift recipient type person, so it can be tough to come up with fun and thoughtful gifts for her. If you have similar struggles, here are some ideas for you!

gift guide - mom

iPad  – My mom is not tech savvy AT ALL. But if yours is, I’m sure she would love a pretty new iPad. You could even get a refurbished one if you/she don’t think she’ll use it a lot.

Gilded Dapper Animal Plates – Does your mom love to entertain? These little plates are the cutest!

Kate Spade Necklace – This is pretty and moms deserve something sparkly.

Madewell Tote – I’ve been wanting this tote for awhile and it is perfect for a woman on the go who needs to carry a lot. My mom randomly always has snacks with her. Like, if I’m in the car with her and I mention I’m hungry she will hand me an apple out of her purse. What the what? She needs a huge tote bag like this.

Phylia de M. Shampoo – I love this shampoo for myself and got it for my mom for Christmas last year and she loves it too. It’s supposed to stimulate hair growth and helps to give your hair more body too.

Personalized Stationary – Minted – Who wouldn’t want pretty personalized stationary like this?

Jewelry Box – This is pretty and for your mom’s pretty jewelry.

Butler Tray Stand – Love this stand for entertaining. It’s the fancier version of a tv tray.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook – I want this cookbook. But it would be even better to buy it for my favorite cook (mom) and let her test recipes out on me. Win/win!

Dish Towels – These are just cute.

Slippers – Everyone needs slippers because they are warm and comfy wonderfulness.

Loft Sweater – If you live somewhere cold, cozy sweaters are a necessity for any woman.

J. Crew Scarf – Scarves are such a great way to dress up an outfit and I love the pretty color of this one.

Martha Stewart Living Subscription – I love this magazine and I know moms do too.

Pugs – If you can’t think of anything else to get mom, get her a pug. Or two. The two pictured above are the best pugs, but they are mine. Get some puggies (or doggies or kitties) for the ones you love!

Anything you would add to this list? How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? I think I’m almost done. I actually looooove wrapping gifts so I want to buy more stuff so I have more things to wrap. Wrap all the things! Ok, have a great weekend everyone!